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  1. The Urban Tourist

    Italy Train dismantling facility - June 2019

    This is a small train demolition plant with a bunch of old wagons and locomotives, many of which were still almost intact. Some of them were very unusual like a couple of old "covered" car transporters. Here is the link to the album: Sorry for the lack of pics but we...
  2. B

    Train Graveyard, Kent August 2018

    HISTORY Tenterden Town railway station is a heritage railway station on the Kent and East Sussex Railway in Tenterden, Kent, England. When the railway line first opened in 1900, Rolvenden Station was known as "Tenterden". Its name was changed when the line extended north three years later and...
  3. BritishRanger

    Waterloo/Victoria Tunnel, Liverpool

    My Visit - This one was quite fun, although there is not many items left to see, its a great walk under Liverpool, with some nice stone and brickwork to see. We arrived quite early, and had absolutely no trouble finding and getting into the tunnel, the rest is best seen in pictures!
  4. C

    Abandoned train yard/factory (cinematic)

    Hi and happy new year! Here’s a short video of a recent explore of Healey Mills marshalling Yard and Dudfleet mill - thanks for watching! 
  5. Buffalo

    Dudley Railway Tunnel - February 2016

    Dudley rail tunnel was opened in 1850 to allow the Oxford-Worcester-Wolverhampton Line between Stourbridge and Wolverhampton to pass for several hundred yards beneath Dudley. The tunnel was regularly used by passenger trains until 1964, when the town's station closed along with the remaining...
  6. WildBoyz

    Highgate Station, London - April 2016

    History Highgate Station was constructed in 1867, by the Edgware, Highgate and London Railway, in a deep cutting that was excavated from Highgate Hill. The two tunnels penetrating the hillside from either side of the station were built some years before the station itself. Highgate Station was...
  7. WildBoyz

    Health and Safety Testing Facility, Harpur Hill - April 2016

    History Up on the bleak moorland, just outside the small spa town of Buxton, is Harpur Hill and its large 222 ha Health and Safety Testing Facility. Funded under the Government’s Private Finance Initiative, the £56 million laboratory was constructed back in 2002. Years ago, back in 1938...
  8. Sime

    Train Graveyard, February 2016

    At last I get to go to visit a train graveyard! I went to Oakamoor for a look round but even the rails have been taken away from there and scrapped. (non-HD people should press the back button and look at some drains :-P ) Anyway, just before it was dark I managed to get pictures from another...
  9. Vief

    Orient Express - May 2015

    It took me a while before I've finally had the time to visit this cool Train. When you step on board, it's like you're traveling back in time... Have seen a lot of repo's from it, so it's hard to be creative. Hope you enjoy it. I gave it a little authentic look. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5...
  10. Hydro

    Healey Mill Sidings, Ossett - July 15

    Explored with Raz & Rott3nW00d History By 1920 extensive railway sidings had been developed on the railway line eastsoutheast of Healey, named Healey Mill Sidings. In the 1960s, as part of a modernisation plan, the sidings were re-designed for more efficient wagon load handling...
  11. Hydro

    Leeds (South) From Above

    Hello all, Few pics from above leeds on roof tops/car parks :) Train leaving Leeds Station Cheers for looking :thumb
  12. Marc Askat

    442nd Station / Train Forest - 2014

    A lot of abandoned trains sleeping at the entrance of a huge forest.
  13. Landie_Man

    Redstar Train Graveyard, Budapest, Hungary - August 2014

    During a fantastic long weekend trip to Hungary with my close friend TBM, and after a long list of annoying failures (the secca in Budapest appears to be very good and in even the derpiest of derps, though usually fairly pleasant and accepting but insist they must let you go), we successfully...
  14. TCCI

    Last Train to Grand Central - 2014

    Stumbled across this place by accident at the weekend I only hade my trusty phone camera with me so here is the results. Thanks for looking...
  15. SuZyQue

    A list of abandoned train stations around the world.

    For those of you who like abandoned train stations.
  16. Timster1973

    Old train yard - (visited 2011)- 2013

    Evening all, Not a Belgium one but a local place to me. Not a lot of history apart from this is the place where the local railway museum dumped locomotives, etc for restoration or scrapping. Haven't been there in a few years but maybe go back and see how much has changed. #1 #2 #3 #4...
  17. Wevsky

    Shepherdswell Train Preservation Site.june 2011

    Wasnt going to bung a report up as it was visited with the permission of the nice men who run the site but as my previous report was a night shoot to the tunnel and a few of the trains i thought id bang one up so to speak.. Im sure ryda and various others have covered the history and tbh im not...
  18. Space Invader

    Shepardswell train yard and Golgatha tunnel 2011

    In January 1995 a small group of enthusiasts, brought together by their recognition of the rapidly approaching end of an era in travel around South London, formed a group to preserve examples of the EPB type trains. For nearly half a century these electric multiple units reliably carried...
  19. Wevsky

    Golgatha Tunnel and Train grave yard 9th jan 2011

    Right its somehting ive been meaning to have a look at and know i have im glad i did..visited with paulk silver rainbow and space invader History has been covered a few time so im simply gunna put a link up to a site which covers it ! ... ndex.shtml...
  20. R

    Golgotha Train Tunnel & Graveyard May 2010

    The line from Shepherdswell to Eythorne was originally going to be a line running across flat land around a small hill, however due to disagreements with a landowner, the 550 yard tunnel was excavated to make the connection between the stations. Approaching from Shepherdswell, you find yourself...

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