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  1. U

    Bulgaria Exploring Metro System in Bulgaria (Chased by workers)

    We sneak into the new metro line in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. We walk in tunnels full with machines for about an hour. They work there 24/7, and we were spotted by the workers, and they start chase us. While the workers get down from the scaffold we escape easily. Visited November 2018.
  2. Paradox

    Great Britain Waterloo and Victoria Tunnels - Liverpool - March 2019

    Waterloo and Victoria Tunnels - Liverpool - March 2019 2 reports in relatively quick succession, its almost like I've actually been out doing stuff ;) Sunday was let's go do stuff day! We hadn't been out for a while and @bigjobs and I had arranged to meet up with @jaynelouise to check out a...
  3. BritishRanger

    Waterloo/Victoria Tunnel, Liverpool

    My Visit - This one was quite fun, although there is not many items left to see, its a great walk under Liverpool, with some nice stone and brickwork to see. We arrived quite early, and had absolutely no trouble finding and getting into the tunnel, the rest is best seen in pictures!
  4. Rob Adventures

    Scouting an Abandoned Railroad and Tunnels

    Hello everyone. I was refereed to join the forum from the Facebook group. Im from Ohio, USA and have followed urban exploring for a while. Recently I started getting out and doing it myself. I mainly film videos and post them on youtube but I also take pictures when I'm scouting new areas. I was...
  5. Thelocksmithman

    Ashford Vaults - July - 2014 - Kent

    Well here goes a first report on here since i joined in 2013, completely forgetting i had created an account so please accept my delayed apologies for being inactive...   I visited this place in 2014, so a while ago now... hence why the pictures are how they are  :? . After an epic road trip...
  6. Hydro

    Kettleness & Sandsend Railway Tunnels, Whitby - Jan 16

    Explored with @-Raz- & @Fatpanda after a series of car problems.   History;   Sandsend Tunnel is a tunnel on the former Whitby, Redcar and Middlesbrough Union Railway that was opened in 1883 and closed in 1958. The rail line that ran through it was originally intended to travel along the...
  7. wellingtonian

    Longbridge Tunnels, Birmingham. Nov 2015

    Longbridge Tunnels Visited during an interesting nights exploring in Brum with Lenston. Here's some history shamelessly lifted from from his excellent report: Here's the iconic shot of ladies building the engines during the war And on with some shonky pics. Lenston doing what he does...
  8. Lenston

    Longbridge Tunnels - Birmingham -Nov - 2015

    Visited with Wellingtonian. Done a good few times before but a good mooch for an hour or 2. Some History The ‘Shadow Factory Tunnels’ are the remnants of Lord Austin’s secret plans that were hatched to bolster British military might in the face of German military aggression in the arms...
  9. The_Raw

    Victorian Drainage Tunnels, London - June 2015

    I had my first look around some Victorian drains this week. Massive thanks to Adders for taking me, extreme_ironing, and a friend visiting from Germany to see these epic bits of infrastructure. I probably wouldn't have ventured down without his expertise and knowledge to be honest. I've also...
  10. -Raz-

    Roundhay Park Tunnels, Leeds - May 2015

    After a boring day at work I dusted off the waders and found myself in some tunnels under Roundhay park. Shortly after walking into the tunnel my torch decided to run out of batteries :shock: this meant using a head torch to light the place up!
  11. Merryprankster

    Paris Catacombs - April - 2015 - pic heavy

    First report on Oblivion, hope you dont fall asleep from boredom with this mammoth write up. Don't worry normally my reports don't have an encyclopedias worth of dribble in them but this was a pretty special one for me personally as i've wanted to get down here for some time now. Right so...
  12. Infraredd

    Gelli Felen tunnels with extra drainage pics

    On the Merthyr Tredegar & Abergavenny Railway line. It has 2 bores - one sort of pedestrianised & the other closed off. Pics First conduit had footprints in but I didn't fancy it. Second is waterlogged & has a metal grill over it. Looks like a tractor has been through...
  13. Lenston

    How to fly a drone through Crossrail's tunnels

  14. wellingtonian

    The Devon and Somerset Railway tunnels March 2015 ( visited April 2014)

    The Devon and Somerset Railway tunnels The Devon and Somerset a Railway (D&SR) was a cross country line that connected Barnstaple in Devon, to the network of the Bristol and Exeter Railway (B&ER) at Norton Fitzwarren, near Taunton. It was opened in stages between 1871 and 1873. The...
  15. E

    Belgium - Forts, Turbines, Tunnels & Mines - Jan 2015

    Dropped by 12 sites (and had a good look at a few more) over several days in a bit of a manic trip around Belgium on the weekend past with The_Raw, Wevsky, Obscurity and Monkey. Photography came secondary to actually looking around (!) so I've compressed the images into one post. Also just don't...
  16. Infraredd

    The Fascista remains at Sa Caleta 2014

    More holiday snaps! The Sa Caleta Coastal Battery is a coastal defence consisting of a set of three open gun emplacements built between 1936 and 1937, by the Nationalist (fascist) forces during the Spanish Civil war to protect the approaches to Ibiza Airport. I knew something was here but...
  17. AlanMowbs82

    Ramsgate tunnels - Cannon road section. - 2014

    Well finally onto our last explore of the night last night, myself, woody and two others went on to do this one, after a long day and night exploring this was 4th on our list for the day/night, been wanting too see this section for a long time so to finally see it made us more than happy and we...
  18. AlanMowbs82

    Shorts tunnels - march 2014.

    just a quick thread of an explore me and my friend woody went on recently. love this place and the old benches people used to sit on during the bombing really makes for a nostalgic explore, so big down there and plenty to see. bit wet in places and a new wall or two that weren't there last time...
  19. Tinnitus Doll

    Unfinished metro tunnels, February 2014.

    Hey people! Unfortunately I don't have enough time to read all posts here and to chat with people as much as I want. But I hope you excuse me! :rolleyes: Today I show you unfinished metro tunnels in my city. The project was started in 80s, but later was frozen because of lack of money. I...
  20. woody

    winchelsea road tunnels, dover - jan 2013

    A little bit of torrential rain put us off of our planned explore, luckily this little gem was the backup! really tidy little set of tunnels including the bits cut with the new tunnel boring machine, strange to go into a set and not see a load of chalk graf but kinda nice History here...