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  1. Lucathebigboy3

    Survey for my University project - very quick to complete :)

    Hey all, it would be great if you could help me with my Uni project. I have created a survey on a light that can prevent injuries by having a 2 headed torch, please could you fill out the survey. Very quick to complete. here is the link: design...
  2. Rody

    Val Benoit University visited 12/21/2014

    Yesterday we went to visit Val Benoit University. Here are some shots. I still have a lot to learn but we had a lot of fun exploring this building. Tips , advice and constructive criticism is always welcome! :thumb :) -Rody
  3. mookster

    Liege University

    Anyone wanting to check out the epic that was Liege University Mechanics Institute, you are too late :cry: :cry: :cry: These were taken at the beginning of the month presumably by the developers. Time to scrub another legendary location off the map...
  4. SpiderMonkey

    Pritzer Fac - 2014

    Pritzer Fac Not much history i can find on this one due to it being codenamed everywhere. Inside it looks as if it closed in stages since around 1995. Such a great spot and was deffo my favorite on the Euro tour. Some really nice features scattered here. After finding out we missed a few...
  5. sentinel

    Brunel Campus, Runnymede, Egham, March 2014 (Visited - February 2014)

    Hi All A little exploration around this place uncovered some little surprises, Another joint venture with The Raw Demolition crew in now, and signs they have been for a while
  6. Nobby

    Val Benoit University - Belgium - August 2013

    VAL BENOIT UNIVERSITY Visited with members Chaos and Markymark We arrived mid afternoon after a long drive back across Germany, there was a couple of options to explore but ended up having a wander round the abandoned university, there was an obvious secca presence which to be perfectly honest...
  7. insider

    Val-Benoît, december 2013

    This was my first urban exploring. Many of you already know the place probably. If you want to go (again), hurry up because they are starting renovations in the beginning of 2014. My photos are different from the others on this forum. Besides urbex im also very interested in lomography...
  8. Stussy

    Belgium Val Benot University - July 2013

    Site 3 on a busy day exploring Belgium, we headed for this abandoned University Complex in Belgium. When I first started work on finding this location, I thought it was one building, but it turned out to be a lot lot more than that. We ended up doing around 1/2 the actual site and what we saw...
  9. klempner69

    Oxford Brooks University of Nursing (visited 2009)2013

    This was mental..was working next door and spoke to a caretaker who let me have a look round,but when the boss collared me,she was less than pleased,but I didnt care cos I got my pics...Its a surreal experience mooching round a hospital full of dummies! Well,that`s...
  10. Nelly

    Great Britain De Montfort University - Bedford - July 2011

    De Montfort University is named after Simon de Montfort, a 13th century Earl of Leicester credited with establishing the first parliament in 1265 The De Montfort University Bedford was the sister university to De Montfort University Leicester, and together they made up one of the largest...