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  1. Booie Bowers

    RAF Upwood - May 2018

    Had a great afternoon exploring here, what a place. It’s huge!! I have been meaning to visit here for years & it certainly has fallen into disrepair over the years (since I've known about the place). I should have gone years ago! Must go back on a sunny/warmer day & hopefully next time...
  2. Sectionate

    RAF Upwood 2016

    I went from rather good looking West Raynham, to a dirt bag lol.  I liked it though, had a very derelict charm to it. Opening pre WW2, handed to the Americans in the 80s and shut in the 90s. Potted history here: Photos:
  3. cunningplan

    RAF Upwood, Sept 2015

    1000 mile Mega Xplore Cannon Brewery while in Sheffield, but decided against it due to access and time. It was lucky as we got stuck in traffic on the way down and only just got here in time for sunset. Again another place with needs no introduction and another type of place I like with all the...
  4. Mockingbird

    RAF Upwood - October 2015

    Yep another RAF Upwood post sorry folks! I had ventured around here late last year and easily got booted off by Mr estate car, since then its been active due to that medical facility but sadly not do-able an half collapsed. Anyway after the airsoft players finished in I ventured an spotted...
  5. LeeLewis82

    Great Britain RAF Upwood Medical Facility july 2015

    This was the first time at RAF Upwood Medical Facilty and it proved a good explore although heavilty trashed. While we had to crawl under a broken piece of plyboard it didnt disapoint with stuff and debris everywhere, plus nearly every piece of glass was broken. As well as it being pitch...
  6. hamtagger

    RAF Upwood, Cambridgeshire - July 2015

    RAF Upwood The Explore Visited in the summer time with Urbexbandoned :) It's knocking on Octobers back door and i'm starting to accumulate a backlog of explores and pictures burning a hole in my computer. I need to learn to stop writing war and peace each time and maybe i'll catch up to...
  7. urbexdevil

    RAF Upwood, September 2015

    Great explore this and has been on the list for quite some time now, only being an hour or so away. Unfortunately we did not manage to enter the hospital section as it is now half demolished and appeared to have somewhat eagle eyed secca watching over it and the rumors I had heard of the...
  8. SlimJim

    RAF Upwood - September 2015

    The Flight of Project Brown Eye A miracle happened: My friend was done smashing rocks at his 50 hour a week day job and wanted to come out for a splore! I was up for it, but my only condition was he would have to drive :D Haha! Our first target was another military site in our area, but we...
  9. Urbexbandoned

    RAF Upwood - Cambridge - July 2015

    A bit of history that for once I did NOT steal :D ..... well from anyone on here :D History Since 1982, the Nene Valley Gliding Club [1] has conducted its glider operations from a field that occupies the site of the old runways. Initially these operations were under an agreement with the...