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  1. mookster

    Ushaw Seminary Oct 2015

    Heading back from Scotland, first after the overnight stop and a slightly underwhelming breakfast (damn Greggs for being closed!) me and my companions hit a site I had wanted to see for some time but due to it's distance away had never gotten the chance to factor into a trip. Ushaw College, a...
  2. Kalum_a

    Ushaw Seminary - Feb 2015

    We took a trip up north to visit Ushaw Seminary which was situated in a fairly remote location. We were quite disappointed at first as the place was in such a state but then we stumbled across a little chapel which had some amazing stained glass windows and was full of colour. Managed to get a...
  3. Fatpanda

    Ushaw Seminary-March 15

    Haven't posted anything in a while and have loads of photos to sort through but thought id keep up an appearance. Visted this one wit Kalum a and Raz, was a little dissapointed at first at the state of the place until we stumbled upon a tasty little chapel. We did venture around the grounds of...
  4. Mrbeardo

    Ushaw College - Durham- October - 2013

    Was a little disappointed in this, but when I saw the chapel my opinion changed.
  5. Banshee =}

    Ushaw Catholic Seminary - September 2013

    One beautiful sunny Sunday morning :cool: Headed to off Ushaw North East of England with two complete strangers :errr: (non members lovely couple) after meeting up at local Mc Donalds for fill up and get to know you's ;) we were off :jump Enough of that crap now down to business Don't...
  6. Bungal

    Great Britain Ushaw - June 2013

    History: done before Ushaw College, a former Catholic seminary and Licensed Hall of Residence of the University of Durham, covers 400 acres in the village of Ushaw Moor in the UK. It was founded in 1808 by scholars from English College, Douai, who had fled France after that college had been...
  7. oldskool

    Great Britain Ushaw Collage-(VISITED.March 2011) 2013

    Im not at all religious, in fact im an atheist,but walking round this place made me think twice about things. Ushaw College Ushaw College (St Cuthbert's College, Ushaw) is a Roman Catholic seminary, . It was founded at Douai as the English College, Douai in France in 1568, which moved to...
  8. Jesus

    Great Britain Ushaw College, Durham, Feb. '11.

    After chasing up loads of failures locally, Thompski and I decided to leave the shitty midlands and head up north to hit up a load of sites on a weekend roadtr0p fuelled on relentless and booze. Ushaw college (sorry!) was the first site we visited. History can be found at the usual source...