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  1. U

    Great Britain Video Report : The Mines Of Gunnerside Valley, Yorkshire, UK

    In this one, we explore multiple mines in the Gunnerside valley in Yorkshire, England. We take a peek at Barbera Level, Bunton Level, Sir Francis Level Shaft, Prescilla Level and another level, deep in water I don't know the name of unfortunately at this point. The mines in the area were...
  2. Grindle

    Great Britain The Cottage in the Trees, Moss Valley - April 2019

    Sometimes I love my satnav today it took me a new route to the local cider farm  rubber necking as i go along i spy a rather dilpidated chimney stack through the trees have a mooch? well it would be rude not to Built in 1812 thats all I know some nice stuff  AND it is untouched by kids or...
  3. Landie_Man

    Great Britain The Valley Foundry - December 2018

    A rather apt explore after exploring an Iron Works earlier in the morning!  After Stanton, Mookster and I headed for this little industrial Gem and met Mattdonut and James Smith inside. It was a bit of a trek through some undergrowth and tumbledown sheds full of all the old moulds and casts...
  4. Landie_Man

    Thames Valley University, Slough, England - March 2018

    The Explore I actually explored this about eight weeks ago with Southside.  I drove to Slough, Parked up and he had kindly found the way in before I got to the University Campus. The site is massive, and right in the centre of Slough.  I work fairly close to Slough, and had seen the site some...
  5. J

    Springwell Quarry - Thames Valley Waters - 2014

    Evening All, A post from me tonight of the gorgeous Springwell Quarry located close to home. I have probably visited this place 4-5 times now during different seasons so it's lovely to see it in the different conditions. All my visits start off as a lovely walk down the canal and a quick run up...
  6. Vancolen Kevin

    Green Valley ( 2014 )

    Green Valley by Vancolen Photography, on Flickr Green Valley by Vancolen Photography, on Flickr Green Valley by Vancolen Photography, on Flickr Green Valley by Vancolen Photography, on Flickr Green Valley by Vancolen Photography, on Flickr Green Valley by Vancolen Photography, on Flickr...
  7. H

    Great Britain westwood mill colne valley

    listed building grade 2 and the earliest surviving Woollen mill (if thats what you call it) building in the Colne Valley !. The nearliest part of the building dates back to 1798 and for many years was run and owned by the Shaw Brothers still trying to obtain more...
  8. 8ReDRuM

    Great Britain Hill Valley Lace Company.

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