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  1. Paradox

    Great Britain Waterloo and Victoria Tunnels - Liverpool - March 2019

    Waterloo and Victoria Tunnels - Liverpool - March 2019 2 reports in relatively quick succession, its almost like I've actually been out doing stuff ;) Sunday was let's go do stuff day! We hadn't been out for a while and @bigjobs and I had arranged to meet up with @jaynelouise to check out a...
  2. Albino-jay

    Great Britain Victoria theatre, Salford, Dec 17

    I’d had my eye on this place for years. I’m from Prestwich so only up the road and I remember going past the Rialto further up where there is now a maccies and past this place on our way into town as a kid. I lived in Broughton briefly about 5 years ago and used to keep an eye on it, however it...
  3. The Urban Collective

    Manchesters Victoria Arches - February 2018

    Hey, guys, this is a video from my recent exploration of Manchester's Victoria Arches. Unfortunately, we were caught entering and as I couldn't resist taking a peak I went it alone. However, we will be back to make a proper video report on the place. I was absolutely gutted to not get a proper...
  4. Kev C

    Great Britain Victoria BS - January 2018

    Hi, this is my first report, I don't really know what to write but here goes.......   Unless you have been on Mars or in a coma for the past couple of weeks you would most probably have heard about this Manor House. Some pictures were posted & the guys who posted them had pretty much made...
  5. hmltnangel

    Edinburgh Royal Victoria Hospital, 2017

    Ok, first post on here, so hope you enjoy. Just a small explore from middle of last year but an interesting little one one nonetheless.  The Royal Victoria closed bit by bit over the last few years, finally becoming empty last year. Each time we pitched up there was always something still...
  6. WildBoyz

    Waterloo/Victoria Tunnel, Liverpool - October 2017

    History The Waterloo Tunnel is a 779 metre (852 yards) long disused railway tunnel in Liverpool. It opened in 1849. At its Eastern end, the Waterloo Tunnel opens into a short cutting (approximately 63 metres long) which connects to the Victoria Tunnel which is 1.536 miles (2.474 kilometres)...
  7. Lavino

    Victoria arches / cathedral steps Nov 15

    The Victoria Arches were a series of arches built in the embankment of the River Irwell in Manchester. They served as business premises, landing stages for Steam packet riverboats, and also as World War II air-raid shelters. They were accessed from wooden staircases which descended from Victoria...
  8. mattkasp_er

    Victoria Infirmary - Glasgow

    The Victoria Infirmary in Glasgow is due to shut this year due to the opening of the new Southern General Hospital. I was wondering if anyone knew how it takes them to fully secca these places up, and if I'd have a chance to get a wee mooch around? ;)
  9. Wherever I may Roam

    Victoria "Dockers" Clock (6 sided) Liverpool - Visited Oct 09 - Nov 2013

    The Victoria Tower was designed by Jesse Hartley and completed in 1848. It was known as the Dockers' Clock. Its six clock faces allowed sailors to make sure their timepieces were correctly set as they headed off to sea, and a bell in the tower warned of fog or high tides. It is constructed of...
  10. shaddam

    Old Royal victoria docklands photos

    So after doing some research about the area i came across this pdf normally i wouldn't bother linking these sort of things, but page 11 onwards and page 45 include some photos of millennium mills i'd...
  11. Nelly

    Royal Victoria Hospital - Folkestone - Nov 2011

    Visited with Skeleton Key, UrbanX, Trog and Mrs Trog, Urban Ginger and IanB Since it construction, the hospital has been known by a few different names......Folkestone Dispensary from 1846 to 1863, then between 1863 and 1890 it was called The Folkestone Dispensary and Infirmary, follwed by The...
  12. Space Invader

    Victoria arches Manchester Oct 2011

    right after being awake for 36 hours having a run in with everyones favorite :police2: friends :grin: and plan b leaving the four of us caked head to toe in mud soaking wet and ready to call it a night we then get a text from ojay an hour later we find are selves in Victoria arches...
  13. Maniac

    Royal Victoria Hospital, Folkestone - June 2011

    Big thanks to the guys who found this, and Obscurity and Wevsky for some help. We origenally intended to do this last week, but alas it wasn't to be. One week later, and with a bit of lateral thinking we were inside. :D This hospital has been known by several different names in its time...
  14. silverainbow

    Royal Victoria Hospital, Folkestone, June 2011

    Royal Victoria Hospital Folkestone, Originally opened in 1846 as Folkestone Dispensary, Visited with Space invader, Wevsky, Ian B, Obscurity and his mate, I wont go on with the history as Wevsky and the other guys have more than Covered it very nicely :beer: And so on with the pics ;)...
  15. Wevsky

    Royal Victoria Hospital Folkestone june 2011

    Royal Victoria Hospital? Previous name(s) Folkestone Dispensary (1846-1863), Folkestone Dispensary and Infirmary (1863-1890), Victoria Hospital (1890-1910) Foundation Year 1846...Closed November 2009(ish) In 1973 the maternity unit was transferred to Willesborough Hospital. Following the...

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