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  1. ForgottenBuildings

    Italy Villa Imperiali - Jul, 2021.

    History: Located on the outskirts of a large Italian city lays one impressive derelict villa. This villa dates all the way back to the early 1600s when it was constructed by a wealthy ambassador. After the death of the ambassador the villa changed owners a couple of times. The story truly...
  2. ForgottenBuildings

    Italy Castello C. - Jul, 2021.

    History: The construction of this castle got started in the early 1900s, the castle was inspired by regional mediaval castle design. The owner of the castle who ordered it to be built was a young wealthy entrepreneur who made his wealth in the wood and concrete industry. After his marriage he...
  3. Tomvandutch

    Other Villa Izvor (Sept. 2018)

    After the main road there are about 5 kilometers in the forest and all the time uphill. After about 1.5 kilometers you saw a sign pointing to a private road. We live on until a barrier blocked the road. We then covered the last kilometer on foot. In the middle of the last century political...
  4. ForgottenBuildings

    Italy Villa Prazza (aug/2019)

    While eating pizza somewhere in Italy i noticed this grand villa right next to the restaurant. After i noticed this i became quite curious so i decided that i should take a look. And well lets just say it was worth it ? Villa Prazza by ForgottenBuildings, on Flickr Villa Prazza by...
  5. enry98

    Italy Villa B. - January 2019

    Sadly I couldn't get much info about this beautiful mansion. Located in a very little town in northen Italy, it seems that it was built between the 19th and 20th century, and abandoned during the 80s. Photos shot with Praktica mtl3, Pentacon 29mm f/2.8 on Kodak Colorplus.
  6. Martpod

    Italy Villa di Cavaliere (03/2019)

    Quite extraordinary from the outside, this villa is hidden in the hills of central Italy. The whole property consists of a huge garden, swimming pool, some sheds for dogs and probably a garage, the most eye catching is the main yellow castle-ish looking house. It used to belong to a man who was...
  7. Martpod

    Italy Villa Specchi Gemelli

    Hidden in central Italy, this beautifull villa stands still in a huge overgrown garden. There is not much information about it. Originally it seems to have been built for a noble family, later was enlarged and served also for guests. During the war period the house witnessed a horrible massacre...
  8. Andy

    Italy Villa con striscia (visited 07/2018)

      From the outside it was obvious that the building was abandoned. Next door, children were playing in the yard of the adjacent school, while we entered the former residence through an open door. Some parts of the villa were already very ruinous or even collapsed, but the beautiful wall and...
  9. Andy

    Italy Villa ornata con fontana (visited 07/2018)

    It had rained the day before my visit. Therefore, the steep slope that I climbed up alone to this abandoned, Italian villa on a hill, had turned into a muddy slide. The way up was correspondingly arduous and painstaking. I slipped off several times and within minutes my clothes were half soaked...
  10. Andy

    Italy Villa Italia (visited 07/2018)

    This italian house behind large, closed iron gates at the entrance of the property (also called Villa Pompous / Villa Zombo / Villa dei Levrieri / Villa del Levriero / Villa PDO...) is located within a small forest, so it can't be seen directly from the street. From the outside the villa looks...
  11. Andy

    Italy Villa con giardini d'inverno (07/2018)

    The (now ruinous) 18th-century villa with conservatories was purchased by the wealthy merchant Giuseppe Calamai, consul of Russia, in 1771 and used as a country estate. Due to financial difficulties, the Calamai family was forced to sell the villa in 1821 to Count Giovanni Giraud.   A few...
  12. Andy

    Belgium House of the football coach / Villa dell'Allenatore (visited 07/2018)

    Meanwhile, this Italian villa of a football coach is pretty well known, and several things has changed there. Only a dusty dirt road leads to it and from outside the house looks quite inconspicuous. But once again proves: Don't judge a book by its cover...! 1 2 3 4...
  13. Andy

    Italy Villa Gemelli (07/2018)

    This villa with its many wall and ceiling paintings (also named "Villa twins", "Villa Sofa", "Villa F." and so on) has already been known for a long time in the UE scene. Located on a hill above a small villige, access was easy. Unfortunately I don't know when the house was built and when it was...
  14. Andy

    Italy Villa Piano (07/2018)

    Not much to say about this house in Italy. Inside largely empty, but still with some murals, a broken piano, a stroller and especially many bats on the ceiling of one room. These were fantastic, I really love bats! :) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9...
  15. Andy

    Italy Villa P. con cappella (07/2018)

    I visited the stately villa in the eastern center of Italy this summer. The access was quite easy, you just had to crawl between the gate, which lacked a metal bar. The chapel with family crypt is located in a separate building, which gradually become overgrown from the outside. I was told that...
  16. Andy

    Italy Villa vicino al campo (07/2018)

    Not quite the kind of pictures I usually take - this time, unfortunately, only smartphone shots in a moderate to terrible quality ... The search for access took a little longer. No chance from the front. So on the back accross a field, through thorn hedges, and finally climb over a gate, a...
  17. Andy

    Italy Villa Heleonora (visited 07/2018)

    An abandoned Italian villa next to the road. Nothing really special, because unfortunately stripped, but at least still with a few nice ceilings. Due to the holey floors and cracked stairs, it was partially a bit tricky to enter the upper floors to photograph the ceiling paintings. But...
  18. Andy

    Italy Villa delle statue (07/2018)

    A very strange house of an artist or similar. Very overgrown, in the middle of a small forest. Inhabited by at least 10,000 bloodthirsty mosquitoes ...! Unfortunately, some of the ornate statues have been destroyed in recent months. Inside it was quite dark, so I lit the photos with a torch...
  19. Andy

    Italy Villa con letto rosso (visited 07/2018)

    I found this villa in the middle of nowhere in Italy. I hardly know anything about the history. A calendar on the wall shows the year 1998. At this time the property was probably abandoned. The owner of the large villa with elaborate furniture was certainly not poor. 1 2 3 4 5 6...
  20. Ghost-Scooter

    Germany Villa des Instrumentenbauers

    A. E. was a successful craftsman building music instruments. He met a girl, married her and became father of two kids. Sadly he died early. His wife, getting older, decided to bequeath everything to the kids. But she became very old and outlived her kids. When Ms E. died she was 99 years old and...