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  1. oldskool

    Belgium 5 Hats aka Villa Dennis Be. - Dec 2012

    Blowing the dust of my urbex files ....been along time sitting on my computer thought id pop out of retirement and share an experience. Villa Dennis ....we drove right past this place , glancing back to the left i heard a shout OI is that it !!!! Yup 4sure that be it :D Ok middle of the...
  2. mookster

    Villa Wallfahrt, Belgium March 2013

    Another site from my week-long Belgian extravaganza. This from before it started to snow, and instead was pouring with rain! Villa Wallfahrt is another place I had wanted to see for a long, long time. It's pretty much Belgian exploration as a whole personified in one location. Details on when...
  3. urbexosaurus

    Back 2 school: Villa Hagspihl - Germany (Visited Jun 2012) 2013

    Ok, one of the explores from last year... Quite a cool one, although I didn't feel very comfortable there. We had to enter thru a room with sleeping junkies and they definitely outnumbered us, so we tried to be quick and quite.. Somehow it's an old, but much forgotten location. Haven't seen...
  4. Pezzarr

    Villa Wallfhart - Belgium March 2013.

    lovely house inside a quiet town in belgium, As far as I know this Villa has been build by a Priest in 1897 and also weares the name 'Villa Das' and 'Manoir de la Chapelle'. It has a lot of religious statues and a huge Maria statue without hands in the chapel which is still there! According to...
  5. oldskool

    Villa Stockmans 2012

    A great little house set in its own grounds in a sleepy Belgium village , we were just to late with this one most of the goodies had been removed by the time we got here so heres what we saw ..... 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. Now no road trip is...