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  1. WildBoyz

    Belgium Village of Doel, Belgium - August 2017

    History The village of Doel is said to date back to 1267. It was originally known as ‘De Doolen’ (‘border water’) and up until the eighteenth century it was essentially an island surrounded by flooded plains. For many years, due to its unusual geographical location, it was unclear which...
  2. Hydro

    Bangour Village Hospital, West Lothian - April 16

    Visited as part of the Scotland tour with @Butters & @R0tt3nW00d   After spending a little longer than anticipated at Eastend, we decided to skip one of our planned locations and head here instead as geographically speaking it made more sense than heading yet further North at 4 pm. I'm...
  3. Nelly

    Nazeing Village Store - May - 2015

    Empty since 1989 it's the sort of place that used to weigh sweets on scales.
  4. Norfolk Explorer

    Raf upwood, old house, grocery shop. Fenlands. April 2015

    I have decided to place this report into others as it it a mix mash of a days trekking around East anglia. Separated I think they are a bit crap, but altogether it seems ok Went on one of those random drives that you do.. Just out and about looking for what cool stuff you can find. We had 2...
  5. Timster1973

    Chernobyl village -2014

    Evening all, As part of our 35 man tour in April this year, one of the early morning stops on our first day was at this village on the outskirts of the powerplant and within the exclusion zone. The Chernobyl contamination was divided into four exclusion zones based on radiation amounts. The...
  6. Landie_Man

    Sheffield Ski Village (With Sledging!), May 2014

    Me and Ben began our usual roadtrip with a fairly early start which meant arriving at our first port of call; Sheffield, with good time to spare. The sun was shining and we headed straight for the disued Ski Village with my "Skiesta" in tow.... The Ski village was believed to be one of Europes...
  7. bob2014

    Skiing village near me - 2014

    So my first proper explore which isnt a cave/mine and i went on my own as i had nothing better to do, was ment to be doing a popular airsoft site in the area but a disagreement with the land owner made me change my mind, tried to get access to a brewary but thier was alot of police in area so...
  8. O

    Imber village Sailsbury plain {visited august 2013} picture heavy

    A visit to Imber is always tinged with sadness for the people who were forced to leave by the MOD in 1943 never to return.A history of the place is to be found here The big house couldn't get in due to guard on the place sign on wall The...
  9. mookster

    Doel Village, July '13

    Part of my Greatest Hits Europe Urbex Tour Trip Tour 2013, a mad weekender in Belgium with a group of 4 who'd never been across the channel before. Doel is such a great place it warranted another visit for me, I missed a fair amount last year and this time went right to the furthest reaches of...
  10. smnp

    Great Britain Polphail village, Portravadie. June 2012

    The small abandoned village called Polphail was built during the early 1970s to provide accommodation for up to 500 workers at a nearby oil platform construction yard in Portavadie. Unfortunately the yard was never completed and the village then lay dormant having never been occupied. The huge...
  11. S

    Polphail Ghost Village [Visited Nov 2012] - April 2013

    Here's an arty farty vid I put together a few months ago of the abandoned village of Polphail on Scotlands west coast. Originally built in the mid 70's to house 500 oil workers for a nearby oil platform construction yard the village consisted of a series of 'flat pack' style accommodation units...
  12. 8ReDRuM

    The Village for the Feeble Minded. 2009

    Construction began in 1911 but completion of the original design did not occur until the early 1930s. The institution was planned as a "farm colony," whereby patients were put to work raising animals and growing food. Superintendent Charles S. Little told the New York Times: "In order to make...
  13. E

    Great Britain St Athan Boys Village, S.Wales (Re-visit) - Report - Mar 09

    Following on from our visit HERE, we though we'd pop by and see how the demolition was getting on. CS has done a good write-up on the history side of things, so I'll leave that be and let the pictures speak. Present on this visit was myself, Hood_mad and Lola. Valet parking. (yeah the evo got...
  14. E

    Great Britain St Athan Boys Village, South Wales - Report Aug 08

    That was an awesome explore, had some fun until the scum turned up. Here's some of mine, bear in mind it was getting dark whilst we were there so the pics are poor. Bible found under the floor Hood_mad going up the bell tower Looking down Up to the second floor Me on...