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  1. urbexpm

    Great Britain 'Snake' House - Wales - February 2017

    I've driven past this place many times but only recently realised it was empty as I passed it on a day out to explore, I know nothing of its history but deduce it's been empty around 5 years according to magazines found inside. It's situated in Mid Wales on a main road and the gardens are quite...
  2. AndyK!

    Capel Salem, Pwllheli, Wales - October 2016

    A nice find by @SpiderMonkey while perusing the many chapels of Wales, this proved to be a surprisingly pleasing bonus for our Weekend... Capel Salem is an abandoned chapel in Pwllheli, North Wales. Built in 1862, the building was remodelled and enlarged in 1893 and is now Grade II listed...
  3. AndyK!

    Engedi Chapel, Caernarfon, Wales - October 2016

    The first of a couple of chapels in Wales I visited with @SpiderMonkey last month... Engedi Chapel was established in 1842 and built as we see it today in 1867. The chapel's most impressive feature is its grand classical entrance, designed by architect Richard Owen of Liverpool. Its organ...
  4. Pinkman

    Whitchurch Hospital - Cardiff - June 2016

    Explore No.01 This started as a stop by explore when me & Vixxie were visiting friends in Cardiff, & has evolved into something of a project for us. We were going to go do CWM Coke, but we thought it would be worth having a look at this place instead. We arrived during the day, &amp...
  5. Buffalo

    Salem Methodist Chapel, Arthog - July 2016

    Salem Methodist Chapel was built in 1833 in Arthog, near Barmouth in North Wales. In 1868 it was rebuilt in the Gothic style of the gable-entry type, by architect Thomas of Landore, and eventually closed in 1973. Apparently the owner of the building moved abroad to avoid paying a bill for a...
  6. Merryprankster

    CWM coke -Beddau - March -- 2016

    way over due writing an actual report, got a back log of about 20 reports at the minute but just cant find the time or the internet speed for uploading to flickr, spend most the week working away on the most basic hotel wifi youve ever seen then when the weekend comes around im always off...
  7. Vulex

    Doll House March 2016

    @CuriousityKilledTheCat  and I went 'cottaging' ;) ;)  with a few non-OS members (there were other types of derps on the , but one had been converted and one was a fail). It was a trek to get here, in the middle of nowhere. I imagine if you lived here, back in the day and it snowed. You'd be...
  8. Vulex

    Lullaby House March 16

    With a few weeks of half assed research, I met up with @CuriousityKilledTheCat and a few others for a long day (out of the house driving/derping for 16 hours) in and around South Wales. After visiting a few nice places earlier, some terrible driving and 3 fails this was our last stop.  This...
  9. Lavino

    Cornist hall north wales 2015

  10. Funlester

    Brownie Cottage, Wales - Oct 15

    This was one we got told about my my mates contact. Not sure there is any history at all as just a cottage on the side of the road. Its called "Brownie" as there is an old Brownie Camera on the side in there.
  11. Hydro

    Leri Mills, Talybot, Wales - Sept 15

    Visited with Raz, Fat Panda & Rott3nWood Background; Leri / Lerry Mills, situated at the confluence of the Ceulan and Leri rivers produced Tweed for suit making using both water wheels from the river and workers to power the looms and spinning machinery. Little history can be found...
  12. Bam Boostick

    [UK] Kinmel Hall -Rhyl, North Wales

    Came across this one; Kinmel Hall near Rhyl - North Wales. Not too far from me so I'm going to do a little research about reaching the place via public transport (unfortunately I don't drive..). Some history on the Hall: The article...
  13. Hydro

    Pool Parc Hospital, Ruthin, Wales - Aug 15

    Visited with Raz & Fatpanda Bit of History; Originally owned by Sir Walter Bagot, the current buildings were rebuilt in the late 1820′s. It was acquired by the North Wales Counties Mental Hospital and opened in 1937 to accommodate 80+ patients to relieve the overcrowding at the much...
  14. Fatpanda

    Great Britain Lluesty hospital, Wales - Aug 15

    what a lovely find this one was, gonna keep this really short as i am using the on screen keyboard haha thanks. thanks guys :cool:
  15. TheVampiricSquid

    Bat House, Wales - August 2015

    Evening all:thumb Another one from my little trip to wales, unfortunately no history on this place really, but seems to have been left for a long time. The upstairs flooring has started to rot, and brambles have started to reclaim the outside - making entry a prickly one! :unfair: A few nice...
  16. Hydro

    Ysbyty Lluesty, Wales - Aug 15

    Sweet day out in Wales today :thumb Visited with Raz & FatPanda Bit of History; Holywell Union workhouse was erected in 1838-40 at the south of Holywell and was designed by John Welch. The Poor Law Commissioners authorised an expenditure of £6,200 on its construction which was to...
  17. Ferox

    Lluesty Hospital, Holywell. North Wales. June 2015.

    Had a day round North Wales afew weeks ago with Urblex, great day as usual mate. This place was the second explore of the day. The place is quite trashed to be honest, reminding me of a mix of Cookridge and Billinge Hospitals. An enjoyable little mooch all in all, worth a look if your in the...
  18. Stussy

    Welsh Wool Mills, Wales - Dec 2014

    Still miles behind in posting some reports up, but this was from an small trip to Engerlandshire and Welsheepshugger land between Xmas and New Year. First stop of this particular cold morning was one of two mills I visited. The first is known as Tweed Mill, and access is not the easiest, but a...
  19. MiaroDigital

    North Wales Hospital / Asylum D. - [visit 05/2015]

    What a amazing building, the next Location from my "Have-to-see" list is done! :D 1. North Wales Hospital 01 by Miaro Digital, auf Flickr 2. North Wales Hospital 02 by Miaro Digital, auf Flickr 3. North Wales Hospital 03 by Miaro Digital, auf Flickr 4. North Wales Hospital 04 by...
  20. Merryprankster

    Missing a red dress manor - jan/april - 2015

    Morning, afternoon or good evening girls and boys, hope everyone is feeling funky fresh and enjoying the bank holiday, just a little report on the, now missing a red dress manor, previously known as, you guessed it, red dress manor aka calcot hall aka calculator hall, naah only pokin i made the...