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  1. R

    A band i watched in wales

    i have some family in wales and went for a weekend away met this band in a town called caerphilly. i wasnt really into this sort of music, until i saw it and heard it live, what a buzz! check them out.
  2. E

    Great Britain ROF Brackla (the 8X's), South Wales - Report - 16/07/08

    CS, RD and Hood_Mad had been the week before and I'd been badgering Hood all week to go and he finally succumbed. On this explore was Hood_mad, Bone_mad and myself. We first went to see 8X7, which is a fantastic experience, we followed the tunnel, past some spectacular collapses (deliberate???)...
  3. E

    Great Britain Ammanford / Betws Colliery - Wales - 08/05/08 - Report.

    Saw Captain Slows report on Broken Britain about this site and thought to myself "gotta get myself there" Hood_mad and I parked in the little village just past the layby with the broken 5' pipes in it. Walked down the path from the layby and entered the main site. We got a bit spooked by the...

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