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  1. Grindle

    Great Britain Penegoes Al factory and warehouse 26/11/18

    production ceased in 2015 most of the buildings demolished and operational plant removed; seems to be visited occasionally by security company whilst it is flogged off
  2. S

    USA Brach's Candy Factory 13 May, 2013 part one

    This is from a exploration on the 13th of May, 2013. These pictures are mostly the east buildings from the interior. Second set will be south end and my favorites, the roof. Brach’s Candy was a Chicago (and world) candy factory legend. This facility, one of the largest candy factories in the...
  3. Landie_Man

    Great Britain TradeTeam Beer Warehouse, Glos - July 2018

    Back in July en-route to the 28DL Bristol meet, Mookster and myself explored this disused D H L TradeTeam beer storage warehouse in Gloucestershire. The day was a mixture of fails and successes and while this one looked pretty solidly sealed from the outside, at the back there has clearly been...
  4. BritishRanger

    Stanley Dock Tobacco Warehouse - Jan 18

  5. lucan

    Great Britain supply co warehouse nov 15

    6 mostly empty floors but still a bit to look at lamsen tube system and some office and kitchen , all with a level of decay that I like on with some pics from the visit thanks for looking more here on my flicker...
  6. ImmortalShadow

    Great Britain Derby GNR Warehouse, the basement (visited April 2011) - 2013

    With the right equipment and with an UrbExing friend to keep me company (as it'd be both scary and dangerous to solo it), I visited the basement. I was told it was massive, but it was larger than I expected it to be. On with the photos. Thanks for looking :)
  7. ImmortalShadow

    Great Britain Derby GNR Warehouse - (visited April 2011) 2013

    This place is where many Derby UrbExers started out. I had to wait a fair while for the right opportunity to appear and when it did, I took it! Visited with 2 non-forumers. "The (Derby) Friargate Line is a now closed railway line that was part of the Derbyshire and Staffordshire extension of...
  8. Shadow

    Abandoned Warehouse - Dover

    Nice lil system of warehouses in Dover, nice easy explore for a sunny afternoon :D Fun with a forklift.. Lots of fun with holes in the ground filled with water then ensued, videos to follow...