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  1. WildBoyz

    Standedge Tunnels, Marsden - May 2015

    History The Standedge Tunnels, which consist of four parallel passageways, are located beneath the Pennines in England. Two of the tunnels are former railway lines which now function as service ways, one is still part of the live main rail line, and the final one is a canal tunnel. The canal...
  2. WildBoyz

    Antonio Hall, Christchurch (New Zealand) - September 2014

    History Antonio Hall, listed as a Category 2 Historic Place, is a large abandoned mansion located in Christchurch, New Zealand. Thomas Kincaid, a successful grocery merchant, had construction begin in 1904 on six acres of land, however, the structure wasn't fully completed until 1909. Clarkson...
  3. WildBoyz

    Markeaton Interceptor (Flo Selecta), Derby - July 2015

    History “The area used to flood quite regularly until the corporation carried out work to improve the drainage system. The water used to come up through the drains after heavy rainfall as there was nowhere else for it to goâ€. Markeaton Brook, which runs through the centre of Derby, has been...
  4. WildBoyz

    Erskine College, Wellington (New Zealand) - March 2015

    History Erskine College, located in Island Bay, Wellington, is listed as a Category One Historic Place and is a former Catholic girls’ boarding school. Originally constructed in 1905/06, the building was named the Convent of the Sacred Heart, and it was intended that its structural design be...
  5. WildBoyz

    Dyson Thermal Technologies, Stannington - July 2015

    History Dyson Thermal Technologies was founded in the early 1800s, in the small valley of Stannington, by John Dyson. Initially it was operated solely by Mr. Dyson, who single-handedly mined clay to make bricks; however, by 1838 the business was listed as John Dyson and Son: Black Clay Miners...
  6. WildBoyz

    Charlton Bonds, Newcastle - June 2015

    History Charlton Bonds is a former bonded warehouse. It was constructed in 1885. The building itself was put together using concrete and cast iron framework; ornate brick, a stone façade and a slate roof were added for decorative purposes. The large property comprises of three former dance...
  7. WildBoyz

    The Newgate Building and The Gate, Newcastle - June 2015

    History The Newgate building, located in Newcastle City Centre was built in the early 1900’s. The Grade II listed structure, with its twin towers, ornate clock faces, sweeping curves and large windows, is a famous landmark in the city. After the 1901 site was redeveloped in 1932, it...
  8. WildBoyz

    New Plymouth Power Station, New Plymouth (New Zealand) - October 2014

    History The New Plymouth Power Station, located at Port Taranaki, is a former thermal power station and was fuelled dually by both gas and oil; it was originally designed to produce power using coal until the Maui gas field was discovered off the coast of Taranaki. The plant was commissioned in...
  9. WildBoyz

    Durham Road Crane, Sheffield - July 2015

    History ‘The facility will provide much needed spaces for visitors to our university. Significant events in our calendar, including graduation and open days, will benefit from this car park. The car park will also support much improved utilisation of the Octagon Centre and new Students’...
  10. WildBoyz

    Megatron, Sheffield - June and July 2015

    History “Deep underneath Sheffield City Centre – below Park Hill, the train station and Ponds Forge – three rivers meet in a Victorian-engineered subterranean cathedral, built to protect the city from devastating floodsâ€. Megatron, as most people now know is a large underground storm...
  11. WildBoyz

    The Futurist Theatre and Cinema, Scarborough - April 2015

    History The Futurist Cinema and Theatre, which can be found in Scarborough, was constructed and fully competed in 1921. Originally it functioned exclusively as a cinema, up until 1958 when its stage area was extended to provide live performances; Shirley Bassey, The Beatles and Ken Dodd were...
  12. WildBoyz

    Castle Market, Sheffield - May 2015

    History What can I tell you about Castle Market? As a child, it seemed to have come straight out of Hieronymus Bosch. The bustle, the mess, the noise. The smell of mackerel and bloodied sawdust. The cabbage leaves and broken biscuits underfoot… How, I used to worry, would I ever find my way...
  13. WildBoyz

    Ladybower Reservoir Outlet, Upper Derwent Valley - June 2014

    History Ladybower Reservoir lies in the Peak District and was established in 1935, when the Derwent Valley Water Board were tasked with providing a sustainable and safe water source for Sheffield and other surrounding areas and key cities. It was the final reservoir to be constructed out of...
  14. WildBoyz

    Port Hills Mansions, Christchurch (New Zealand) - November 2014

    History This report looks at some of the abandoned cliff top mansions on the outskirts of Christchurch. The damage to the mansions themselves during the 2011 earthquakes was significant to say the least, and as the cliff itself collapsed it took many of the buildings with it. Although...
  15. WildBoyz

    Taylor and Emmet Solicitors, Sheffield - May 2015

    History Taylor and Emmet Solicitors is reportedly one of the most successful law firms in South Yorkshire and the north east part of Derbyshire; it has, apparently, retained this title for over 130 years. The law firm prides itself on delivering high quality legal advice to both private and...
  16. WildBoyz

    Hamilton Central Station, Hamilton (New Zealand) - October 2014

    History Hamilton Central is New Zealand’s first underground station, although it has been abandoned since 1995. The railway originally ran through the centre of Hamilton and was one of the busiest locomotive areas on the north island. Over the years traffic on the line increased significantly...
  17. WildBoyz

    AMI Stadium (Lancaster Park), Christchurch (New Zealand) - August 2014

    History In 1880 the Canterbury Cricket and Athletics Sports Co Ltd. purchased 10 acres of land within an area known as the Lancaster Estate, for £2,841 (approximately £260 per acre). By 1905, however, the Canterbury Cricket Association became the sole owners of the grounds and remained so...
  18. WildBoyz

    Church College of New Zealand, Hamilton (New Zealand) - October 2014

    History Church College of New Zealand is a former private secondary school, positioned at Temple View in Hamilton. The site is owned by a Mormon religious and cultural group, and when the school was operational it was run by the Church Educational System of The Church of Jesus Christ of...
  19. WildBoyz

    Tokanui Psychiatric Hospital, Te Awamutu (New Zealand) - October 2014

    History Legend has it that at an infamous junction, “you turned right to Tokanui if you were mad, and left to Waikeria [prison] if you were bad’. Neither, though, were desirable destinationsâ€. Tokanui Psychiatric Hospital opened its doors in July, 1912 and operated up until 1998. The site...
  20. WildBoyz

    The Dolls House, Christchurch (New Zealand) - August 2014

    History The Dolls House Strip Bar, as the name likely suggests, was a former strip club based in Christchurch, New Zealand. Following the earthquakes in 2011 the club was closed, due to the considerable structural damaged of the Chancery Complex in which it is located. The club was reportedly a...

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