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  1. Funlester

    Winstanley Hall, Winstanley - March 15

    This is first time out with my camera Nikon D5200 and first time doing any Urbex at all. Went out with two mates and big thanks for them for letting me tag along on this trip and a few more that ill post at some point. We tried one place first but couldn't get access. History The hall was...
  2. Lavino

    Great Britain Winstanley hall 2015

    Visited the hall many times. The hall is pretty much falling down with most floors and staircases collapsed. The place has lots of history and is surrounded by many farmers fields who keep watch over the hall. Any a guy on a quad bike who patrols the estate with a shotgun strapped to it . Still...
  3. woopashoopaa

    A Mansion in a Farmer's Field April 2015

    I visited here with Lavino and a non member Tom, This was our second visit to the mansion ( as the first time I didn't have my own camera :| ) and unlike our first visit we managed to get to the upper floors. And people have been saying a lot that this place is un safe and I totally agree with...
  4. scrappy

    Winstanley hall, wigan - May 2013

    this was my first time back here in over 3 years and the place has got a hell of a lot worse, most of the stairs have gone and a lot of the ceilings have collapsed or ready to. The hall was built in the 1560s for the Winstanley family of Wigan; the Winstanley family were lords of the manor...