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  1. Judderman62

    Great Britain more back catalogue - not an explore but what a wonderful structure. Abberley Hall to

    Not an explore as such so if admin feel it has no place here fell free to remove it. Zero81 and I spotted this on our way to somewhere else and liked the look of it and were intrigued. It is situated in the private grounds of a posh boarding school for 8-13 year olds. Info from the schools...
  2. Stussy

    Great Britain Wonderful Ted Bears Farm, Scotland - May 2013

    Abandoned since 2008, this unassuming farm house on the outskirts of a town is quite the delight inside. I must admit the place is slightly trashed inside and getting derp'd but I decided to tidy it up a little bit. I think I'll even go back and do a bit more, its such a shame the place is in...

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