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  1. A

    World War II Bombshelter/Bunker - Austria

    Disclaimer: Some of the images displayed in my album contain anti semitic graffiti. I'm not promoting anti semitism here but am only showcasing what's inside this bunker.  Today's post is about the exploration of a World War II bunker, that has  been abandoned since approximately 1955, when...

    Belgium Bowling World - Belgium - March 2018

    Bowling World – Belgium Closed in late 2015. It closed due to a decline in custom and proposed development on the site of this bowling alley and dance hall next door.
  3. Urban_Explorer

    Fantasy World October 2015

    Hi Guys, been a while since i done a report so thought would post one from a recent explore. Can't really find much information on this place but it's very local to me and been told that it has been closed for around 5 years now and was closed do to health and safety. I have put a water mark...
  4. Hydro

    Seldom Seen World UE

    Just thought id leave this here to do with as you please... i know facebook is the devil and it disgusts me with image quality but most my friends dont know what a forum is never mind how to navigate one :thumb
  5. Andy

    World of lava (visited 04/2015)

    Yesterday, this was by far my longest and most exhausting underground exploration. The mining complex was simply huge, stunning and impressive. I have not found & seen everything. Absolutely not. But after a total of 11 hours, I had simply no more energy. Today I have a little muscle...
  6. SuZyQue

    Abandoned mansions around the world

    These are fabulous and some close to home enjoy:-
  7. SuZyQue

    A list of abandoned train stations around the world.

    For those of you who like abandoned train stations.
  8. urbex ireland

    We invite you to Become Lost in our World

    Hi to each of you..As Explorers we already Know the passion that lies beneath what we do and indeed Why we do it...We extend a warm welcme to all the members to come and have a look at our Facebook page..We always appreciate a like and of course Feel free to stay as Long as you...
  9. SuZyQue

    The largest abandoned factory in the world WOW

    The largest abandoned factory in the world, have a look at this I found wow, amazing. :) ... y-detroit/
  10. 8ReDRuM

    New World Order 2009

    1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.
  11. Shadow

    Best personal UE website in the world

    Homepage of the legendary fucking nutcase Dsankt Absolutely incredible :o

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