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  1. U

    Great Britain Video Report : The Mines Of Gunnerside Valley, Yorkshire, UK

    In this one, we explore multiple mines in the Gunnerside valley in Yorkshire, England. We take a peek at Barbera Level, Bunton Level, Sir Francis Level Shaft, Prescilla Level and another level, deep in water I don't know the name of unfortunately at this point. The mines in the area were...
  2. AlexAvenue

    Caves Yorkshire Dales

    Found our way into a small cave in the Yorkshire dales.
  3. AlexAvenue

    Random caves Yorkshire Dales

    Along the road in the Yorkshire dales we came across many small caves. We ventured into some of them, and saw some cool things. Next year we plan on returning and Exploring the larger caves.
  4. jane doe

    Great Britain Murphy Machinery Yorkshire 2015

    Established in 1926, G.L. Murphy was a family run business and supplied bespoke machinery to the tanning industry, as well as building rag cutting and cable stripping machinery.  The company also provide refurbishment and renovation works for various machinery types. 
  5. Landie_Man

    Great Britain Wall Hill Mill, Dobcross, Yorkshire - Feb 2018

    Another one of our February Nothern Road Trip with Mookster, our American friend and myself.  A bit of a strange one this.  An old mill, but vastly converted for commercial use and modernised.  Massively decayed in places. There isn't much early history on the mill building itself; but it has...
  6. Landie_Man

    Great Britain Britannia Works (WeldMech), Osset, Yorkshire - Feb 2018.

    Not much online about this one, it used to be a smelting yard which also carried out other work such as Automotive and presumably welding of sorts.   A nice little mooch for 45 mins or so.  Its had a recent fire, unfortunately destroying quite a rare model of Datsun stored inside.   Visited...
  7. Landie_Man

    Great Britain Cellars Clough Wool Mill, Marsden, Yorkshire - Feb 2018

    Visited back in Early Feb with Mookster and an American Explorer friend, who is over on an educational placement.   We had quite a Northern Road Trip planned; with around 18 sites on our list, but sadly did about 4 or 5 over two days.  Annoying but that's the nature of this beast! Cellars...
  8. chris banks

    Old Park Farm - West Yorkshire (Abandoned/Destroyed Farm)

    I have found a location close to me in West Yorkshire that has been covered before, the site is nearly completely destroyed but the main barn and some of the out buildings still exist.  I enjoyed looking around the site and turning it into a cinematic style video (i hope i aren't hated for it...
  9. urbex13

    Great Britain Millmoor Football Ground - Rotherham, South Yorkshire - December 2017

    The History Largely from wiki: Millmoor was was the home ground of Rotherham County F.C. between 1907 and 1925 and then their successors Rotherham United F.C. until 2008. The team and ground were once owned by C.F. Booth, whose huge Clarence Metalworks and scrapyard overlooks the site. When...
  10. urbex13

    RAF Church Fenton, North Yorkshire, March and July 2017

    History Going to be brief as this is everywhere, I'd recommend if you're looking for a solid reference on the subject. RAF Church Fenton was opened in 1937, during WWII it had a defensive role protecting the northern Industrial cities from bombing raids. It also hosted...
  11. Fekneejit

    Dobroyd Mill, West Yorkshire - February 2017

    History (shamelessly stolen from a local newspaper) Dobroyd Mills was built in 1829 and fine cloth manufacturer Dobroyd Ltd was founded at the mill in 1919. The mill closed in 1974, but was re-opened in 1976 under John Woodhead Ltd spinners. It currently houses several businesses including a...
  12. Hydro

    Midland Mills, Bradford - Aug 15

    No history unfortunately, and it will soon be luxury apartments :) Narrowly avoiding death with Raz, Jamie_P & Rott3nWood. The Explore; So we went for a look at the Conditioning House but other than teleportation i couldnt see a way in. So not worth traversing a wall with concreted glass...
  13. Hydro

    Firbeck Hall, Rotherham - Revisit - July 15

    Explored with Rott3nW00d & Raz; So the last report was killing me as there wasn't one single decent photo out of the lot... So we went for a revisit :thumb History; Firbeck Hall was formerly the home of 19th-century architect and writer Henry Gally Knight who is assumed to have been...
  14. Hydro

    Firbeck Hall, South Yorkshire - November 14

    Explore with Raz & a non member. I was considering code naming this Dodgey Floor Galore due to the fact that while exploring Raz ended up waist deep in the buildings foundations looking like he was wading through floorboards :thumb Some of the rooms in this old place look like they were...
  15. Hydro

    Blue Church, Denholme - July 15

    Explored with Raz & a non member Bit of history from Raz (being an info pirate again) (y) Designed by JB Chantrell, St. Paul's was completed in 1846 in an Early English style featuring a large gothic tower overlooking the village of Denholme. The constructions of the church cost £3,700...
  16. Hydro

    T'old Fryston Colliery Bridge, Castleford - July 15

    Living in Castleford, Yorkshire, you can't really go anywhere without seeing evidence of the once booming coal mining industry in the area. This old girl, locally known simply as "The Iron Bridge" is just one example. Ive put July 15 on the header simply because that is when i took these photos...
  17. Hydro

    Dalton Mills, Bradford - May 2015

    Explored with Raz History; Dalton Mills was once the largest textile mill in the region, employing over 2000 workers. It was built by Joseph Craven in 1869, replacing the original mill which was owned by Rachel Leach in the 1780's. The mill was named Dalton Mills after the manager employed...
  18. Hydro

    Sheffield Crown Courts - Various Visits

    Various Visits with -Raz- and a selection of non members Bit of History; Built in 1806/7, this building was origninally the town hall for sheffield. It was extending in1833 and again in 1866 this time with the addition of the clock tower. In the 1890's the town hall was converted into the...
  19. Hydro

    RAF Driffield 2015

    History; Ripped from wiki (Naughty) Explored with a non member; Carla The first aerodrome to occupy the site was made up of wooden and brick buildings, similar to those found at Duxford or Hendon. Known as Eastburn, No.21 Training Depot was the first unit to occupy the site from 15 July...
  20. Hydro

    Pilkington Glass, Doncaster - Various Visits

    Various explores with -Raz- and some non members History; Pilkington Glass was founded in St. Helens in 1826 and the Doncaster site opened in 1922. This site was well located due to the canal which runs along side the factory creating easy transport links on the great canal systems. The...