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  1. ForgottenBuildings

    Germany Lost Coal mining Empire - Mar. 2020

    Alright, this report contains two separate locations which once were the same company. The first location is the original site dating back to 1899 and the other one is the newer facility dating back to the 1930s. History Black Machineroom: We will start with the history of the original site. At...
  2. ForgottenBuildings

    Germany Zeche Elephant - March 2019

    History This colliery was opened in 1901 due to the increasing demand of coal in this heavy industrialized area of Germany. After that this coal mine grew rapidly in the amount of employees and the amount of coal that was made in this place, this complex made on its peak around 9000 tons coal...
  3. SpiderMonkey

    Germany Zeche HR - May 2019

    Before heading to this colliery, we had been viewing photos of the recent demolition. Images of headstocks lying crumpled on the ground didn't exactly give us much hope, but without any other options until much later in the day, we headed on to see if there was at least a scrap of something nice...
  4. Ghost-Scooter

    Germany Zeche P. - visited 04/2019

    I know the Ruhr region being active from many trips to visit my grandparents in my childhood. Chimneys were smoking all over the way on the left or right of the highway. Last year the last active coal mine was closed. So I definately had to explore an old mine. Unfortunately I decided for the...
  5. teddybear

    Germany Zeche TW oktober 2018

    A location I did on my own . After a nice walk I reached the site. Some parts of there seems still t be in use. One building had some new looking alarms and no windows were damaged. First building I tried seems lead to nothing. Walked in a cellar with still a lot of cables, a new looking...
  6. ForgottenBuildings

    Germany Zeche W

    History This coal mine was established in 1910 and was funded by the Prussian empire. This facility contained two elevator towers. In 1912 the construction began on a cokes plant right next to the coal mine.  In 1943 the mine shut down due to the second world war, after 6 years the mine...
  7. Vief

    Germany Zeche DT - Visited June 2015 - Oct 2015

    An old abandoned coalmine in Germany. The baskets are really special and it was nice too see, 'cause my grandpa used to work in a coalmine in the Netherlands. But probably back then it looked different. Tnx for watching :) #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #7 #8
  8. MiaroDigital

    Glück auf! Zeche H. - [visit 06/2012]

    Hey Guys :) The Zeche H. in west germany, was my first Location and the start of my exploring time... I hate the puctures but i will show you a litte rework! 1. Kaue - Zeche H 01 by Miaro Digital, auf Flickr 2. Kaue - Zeche H 02 by Miaro Digital, auf Flickr 3. Kaue - Zeche H 03 by...
  9. AndyK!

    Zeche M / Heinz - December 2014

    Zeche M/Heinz is a huge abandoned Bergwerk or coal mine in Germany. The underground pits extend great distances, and above ground the industrial site for processing the hard coal is certainly large-scale. The site has developed over the years so the complex of buildings and machinery are a...
  10. Marco Bontenbal

    Zeche P - 2015

    Hi crazy fellow urbex people, I've been 2 times at this location. The first time was already almost dark and we thought there was no entrance anymore... All the windows were closed and sealed... But we didn't look good because later we heard were the opening was. And I really wanted to capture...
  11. Ghostpast

    Zeche Heinz, march 2015

    When we arrived at the gates, parked the car 100 mtrs away we saw the security walking around there. This entrance is a no go. Parked the car somewhere else and get in the hard way. After 1.5 hours they found us :( Busted, after a talk, that took prints of our ID's and put us into the system...
  12. The_Raw

    Zeche DB - Germany, March 2015

    This was a coal mine dating back to 1902, the last mining shaft was filled in by 1999, and the colliery closed in 2008. Rumour has it demolition is scheduled for May, but there is info online suggesting it be retained as an industrial monument so I'm not entirely sure. I saw this pop up a while...
  13. E

    Zeche WH - March 2015

    Visited with The_Raw and Monkey, cheers Miaro and Andy for the location info. :) huge site, we were there for quite a few hours and didn't explore half the buildings due to time constraints, a coal mine dating back to 1902, we managed to get into the coking and refinery works. Security is...
  14. sentinel

    Zeche Hugo - November 2014

    Zeche Hugo Well this place has been photographed and reported numerous times so won't bore you with a load of text So on with the photos
  15. glowtape

    Zeche P -- November 2014

    Yesterday, I went to visit a friend. A while ago, he moved to the middle of North Rhine-Westphalia, specifically the known Ruhr area, because of a girl he met on the interwebs. While planning the ride, I was looking here and there on Google Earth if there's something to visit, just to find most...
  16. slackyboi

    Zeche Hugo GE Aug 2013

    Hi! first post here, been around the sites for about a year but never joined up...... so got my act together and joined! My first report if from my recent euro trip with the mrs, this one was solo as she couldn't hack the entry unfortunately! but this helped inside as there were workers working...