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Belgium Blast furnace Number 2 at Forges De Clabecq. - Jul, 2020


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Oct 5, 2017
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In 1909 a brand new modern steel site was built at the banks of a canal between Charleroi and Brussels. At the time steel was one of the largest industries in Wallonia and was truly booming in industrial hubs like Liège and Charleroi. The complex started with just two blast furnaces but expanded quickly to over 5 blast furnaces.

Schermafbeelding 2020-06-30 om 13.47.21.png

FDC after WW2

After the second world war the site expanded further. At the beginning of the 70s the company commissioned a new blast furnace (HF6) and a brand new steelworks. After this the worldwide energy crisis started though, which kickstarted the general decline of Forges De Clabecq. In the 90s the iron curtain fell which meant that other plants in the former Soviet-bloc could start dumping their cheap steel in Europe. In 1996 most of the operations were shut down, except for the last blast furnace and the steelworks which was constructed in 1970. 2001 was the time when the steelworks closed permanently.

OBM Clabecq.jpg

FDC at its peak in the 70s. In front you can see the then brand new BOF-steelworks

After the closure, Forges De Clabecq became a true classic in the Belgium urbex scene. Back in 2006 until 2010 this site was often trafficked by many explorers. Nowadays the site is partially demolished and is a shell of its former self. Just one classic blast furnace is remaining on the vast site.


_MG_6737 kopie.jpg

_MG_6594 kopie.jpg

_MG_6592 kopie.jpg

_MG_6619 kopie.jpg

_MG_6666 kopie.jpg

_MG_6652 kopie.jpg

_MG_6642 kopie.jpg

_MG_6671 kopie.jpg

_MG_6694 kopie.jpg

Small pumping house of the facility

_MG_6720 kopie.jpg

I also made a video where I went more in-depth into the history of Forges De Clabecq:

Thanks for reading and watching!


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Mar 15, 2018
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nice pics and vid, didnt know there was still some things left, and they left the stairs oO. Such a shame they demolished it... I was lucky to go there in 2009 but my photos are pretty shitty :(