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USA Canton Gas Station - May 2020


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Jul 22, 2020
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This location in Canton, Kentucky is one of my favorite abandoned buildings I have stumbled upon.

This gas station was built in 1919 by Masons on an old ferry road that connected western Kentucky to central Kentucky.

The gas station was on one of the first improved roads in the area which was made to accommodate two-way traffic.

One of the most amazing parts of this gas station isn't the building itself but is the vintage gas pump that has somehow survived scrappers and vandals in the age of the internet.


While the handpump, glass, and a bunch of other accessories are gone, the pump is still a testament to this area's early role in automobile history.


A funny note is the fact the plate even warned people not to put the pump inside a building as apparently it wasn't common knowledge to have pumps with flammable gas outside yet.


The interior was not much to look at, we tried getting in but some guys were doing yard work and we did not want to risk getting the police called on us as we went on to explore some other really cool places after this.

The place was mostly used for storage now and it now serves as just a reminder to a long gone past.