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Belgium Checkmate, Belgium - Spring 2015


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Feb 26, 2016
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A bit of history:

this beatifull hotel has been built in 1936. it used to be a very luxurious place during pre ww2 times. It was an infamous place, with guests like: the british queen, Bjorn Borg and the belgian national football team.
During the second world war it's purpose changed, no more fancy hotel, it was converted to the headquarters of the Germans up until 1944. After being retaken by the Americans it was used as a headquarters and barracks for nearby stationed reconnaissance pilots, who would coordinate the attacks against the v2 missile installations and sites.

After the war it reopened an hotel, but 1978 the hotel closed and the ministry of education bought the place to be used as an all girl boarding school.

The place closed down in 2011.

my visit:

it was a nice day in spring when i went there.

After almost giving up hope on getting in there, i tried one more option. i had looked at it before, but i thought to myself that would have been impossible to open.

Anyways we got in, started looking around, taking the pictures of what used to be the restaurant part of the hotel.

nothing to fancy, but still nice. above the fire place used to be a plaque honoring the merits of this place during the war. they removed it so it wouldn't fall prey to vandals.

next we ventured into the lobby.

the bar

and one of the other rooms. as you can see on the old picture, it used to be quite cosy.

After these pictures we went upstairs, but i didn't have the chance to take more pictures. we saw 3 other men walking up to the place so we had to hide in the cellar.

Turns out it was the real estate agent who would show people around. we didn't take any chances and just stayed hidden in the cellar. luckily the one shined there flashlight in the cellar while explaining something and then continued with their tour.
We had to stay hidden for one more hour before we could make our escape.

But, to be honest, the other levels of the building were a bit trashed.

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Aug 25, 2014
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Nice report mate, some really nice features inside here and some lovely pics too. Could you please add the date to the report :) Thank you 



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Dec 16, 2013
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Thanks for signing up @excentrics, saw this on facebook and it's great to see it here on the forum. Fantastic first report, the history is amazing and the place looks amazing too. Also well done for hiding from the estate agent! The edit button is at the bottom of your report on the left but you have a limited time to edit stuff yourself so I have added Spring 2015 to your report title. Hope that is correct  :D