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Italy "D6" nuclear bunker - February 2020

Sep 1, 2018
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I discovered this place in late 2016, but since I live very far I've never been able to explore it... Until a few months ago.

This is a former NATO command center, the plan was to use it in order to control NATO ops in the region in case of nuclear/chemical/biological attack. It has 2 floors and there are many corridors, so orientating can be difficult sometimes... there are many interesting rooms, like the famous "great hall" with a map of Italy, Greece and Turkey; there is also a cinema and a bar. We also found a very big water tank: it was 12 meters high, 10 meters wide and 40 meters long!

I think that the most striking thing of this location is the incredible amount of fungus and mold in it: literally every wall, floor, ceiling, door and piece of forniture inside this bunker was covered in various species of mold. In addition, it seems that someone left some toxic waste there... So we decided to explore this bunker with more protection than usual: gas mask and protective suits so we wouldn't get too dirty, especially at the entrance...

There are many urban legends about this bunker: some people say (as usual) that this NATO base used to store nuclear missiles, other people say that there was another hidden floorand only a handful of people had access to it...

I like to call this place "D6" because it reminded me another legendary bunker in Russia, which supposedly is hidden somewhere underneath Moscow: even if some urban explorers claim to have found an entrance, today there is no actual proof of the existence of this legendary bunker.

Anyway, here is the Flickr album:

Mental hazard.jpg

People of Metro! We have awaited your arrival!....jpg

...We are those who are called the Invisible Watchers.jpg

At least the biomass doesn't fight back here.jpg

Panel DS-22.jpg

Where amoebas live.jpg

I know this tunnel, and it knows me..jpg

Look, Artyom... Our heritage... our future....jpg

Target Botanical Garden.jpg


The Bolshoi was nothing compared to this.jpg


But that's the only exit. What are you going to do next.jpg

And a final group shot before leaving!

Foto di gruppo.jpg


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Mar 17, 2013
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Grimsby, UK
Ohhhh this is interesting, The control room and operations room are amazing