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Dover Equipment.


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Nov 12, 2008
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Ive posted this once already but ive been in and had a good chat with the bloke today.

He has a small corner of the lovely Dover indoor market, selling air guns, combats, boots, knives, war memo, bags etc.

He is a really nice chap, Mark Patman his name is.

Ive given him the site name and told him to join up as hes interested in the history of places. He is also on the lookout for a place preferably with some sort of bunkers or buildings from the war to lease out as an air-gun activities range for young people.

His clothing is quite cheap, talking about 10 quid for some camo combats, 10-15 quid for jackets, you cant really complain at that! Boots range up to about £40. Mark I think you'll find was the man who supplied the clothing and memo for Dover castles tunnel tours! He said himself the website needs developing, and at a glance it doesnt really show how much he has on offer, if your in dover pop in to the indoor market in pencester and have a look yourself

The site is: http://www.motion-picture-props.com and his number is 01304824477.

Hopefully this will come in handy, I know ill use him for my clothing & equipment, hopefully we can get some two way communication going, we find him a good site to lease, we get discount if we all buy together maybe? :cool2: