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France Florange Steelworks [Failed attempt] (April 2022)


Feb 25, 2022
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The Netherlands
Florange Steelworks.... One of my dream spots!

Florange Steelworks (HFX) Is known for the extreme security, we were told not to go there because of the heavy security lately, we tought, Fuck It!! and still went there anyway. A day before the madness, we scouted the area from the roof of Bureau Central and drove by a few possible entrances, it looked doable, and that night at 4:18 AM We went for it, everything was going as planned for a while untill we saw flashlights......

We waited for a few minutes untill we decided to pick another entrance, but that didn't go as planned.., we had been spotted on CCTV Camera's, security came to us and started asking questions of what we were doing here, we explained everything and the guard was pretty nice, we tought he would let us go but no. he called his boss and after that called the police, we had to wait 40 minutes in the cold before the police arrived, security and police took +50 pictues of our ID, have our addreses and so on, after emptying all of our bags and told them we didn't have any footage on our SD cards they let us go.

Better luck next time :cool:
HFX1 (1 of 1).jpg
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