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Forum additions and news Oct 2020

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Aug 17, 2015
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Earlier this month, I told everyone the forum was in the process of being upgraded.
Now its more or less complete, I will give an overview of the new features.



This is the big one, and a significant extension to the community. The gallery.

There are 4 major functions associated with this.

The ability to upload entire albums to the forum.

This an extension to hotlinking images, or saving them to a post as an attachment. Now you can upload a range of pictures to an album, which you can use within the forum for a report, keep for yourself, or use it to share elsewhere like you would with photobucket or flickr.

The ability to just browse pictures from the forum.

Every picture uploaded to a report on the forum is now mirrored to the gallery. This means if you are more of a fan of looking at pictures than lengthy reads - you can come here and do so. Just remember to give it a like :)

The ability to easily insert pictures posted on the gallery into a post on the forum.

There is a button when posting a thread that will allow you to insert a range of pictures that you have uploaded. All can be done in very few clicks.


Proper user association, and control of images.

Your user profiles will now show all the images and albums you have posted.


Users will also have better control of their images through this feature. More on this to follow.

This means we now not only offer the forums everyone else does, but also some of the features that larger image hosting sites do, without some of the associated risks and hassles. You do not have to use this, and can carry on as you have been - but we would strongly encourage you to use this.

Guides are something that have been in the pipeline for a long, long time. This forum is about its members, making them feel welcome, their content appreciated and keeping it easy for them to post. We do our best with the first 2 areas, but the 3rd, is a bit more technical.
The guides will be created to explain how to use the various functions of the forum, from a simple post to submitting and posting with albums in the gallery.
How this will be displayed? well, like this post. I will try and make reports work in the same fashion, but this will take a bit more work.

Suggestions area


Another ability that has been enabled by the update, is being able to have a proper suggestions area that ideas can be upvoted (and downvoted).
I did consider nesting this area as a sub forum within forum information, but decided against it as I believe its really important users can see it easily.
Oblivion State is a progressive forum, and as such user feedback is essential. Its easy to see plugins / features / policies that may be useful and popular to the forum - but actual user feedback is invaluable.

I cannot stress it enough - let us know what you are thinking! :)

Support area


When we switched over to this software, we implemented an area that members could go to for contact with staff. This was hidden away from other members so was quite individual.
The update has enabled expansion of this, and as such we have now changed this to being a completely public area where support is provided, and the questions can be marked as "answered" and upvoted. I think this looks neater, and will hopefully help other members with issues.
Also within this forum is a new "guides" section. This is ongoing but will contain articles explaining how to use the various sections of the forum.

You will find this underneath the free posting area;


This does not mean you now cannot speak to a member of staff privately. You can still either use the contact form or send on the team a PM.

Web App
Oblivion State now has what is called web app. This is not what you would normally nowadays expect as in something you download from an app store, but you may now be asked to install us onto your device (any device) by your browser. Its safe to do an meets the appropriate international web standards.
Simply put, its a slightly better looking version of the web site and cuts out the URL bar. It will also treat push notifications a bit more prominently.
This is available for more or less anything other than apple. Because you know, apple....

We use the term "Community" as what we aspire to become more of. A community requires members, and for them to be contributing. We believe we are providing all the necessary tools to facilitate this, and 1 or 2 things that now set us apart from the rest. We hope it is enough :)


Last but not least - we now have a few different options in which you can donate to the forum.
Everyone knows these things are not free - Everything donated is massively appreciated.

At the top of the page, you will see "Send us a few quid" -

This will bring you to user upgrades;


Its fairly self explanatory.
You may have noticed that the ads have increased - you are correct. I hate them, but they do help a bit.

We will explore other ways members can help out in this way (like referrals) but for the time being, if you help us out, we will remove your ads.


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