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Jun 7, 2015
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It was a morning it was sunny, 25 degrees. I already had a few hours of driving in my arms when I arrive at the castle. 
I do like my habit, a small tour around the castle to watch the outside architecture and also find an entry.
I managed to find an entry that made me go through the underground. In the underground I find a small staircase to go up, 
it remains only a small door and I'm officialy in the place. 
My first impression (when i see the big orange staircase) was "there someone who still lives here" The furnitures are in perfect condition, 
nothing is damaged, the paint of some ceilings begins to flake ... I decides to explore at great speed in case something could happen. 
45 minutes later, I'm outside and falls on the neighbors with whom I speak 1H. The neighbors, who are also the guardians of the castle 
tell me that since 1951 no one lives in the castle, but there is an owner today ... What luck to have been able to explore here.
I let you appreciate the intérior.

FULL SET on my web site:

Some pictures of this place:
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