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Kings Park Psych Center


New member
Apr 10, 2017
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Long Island, NY
Over this spring break i'm planning to go to Kings Park Psych Center on Long Island with a few friends of mine to take some photos and explore, i've been to a few abandoned houses around my area but this is the oldest building i'm going to yet and i know there's a lot of mold and asbestos in there and the floors are a bit unstable, do any of you guys have advice on how to stay safe while i'm there and what i should bring with me? Thanks a bunch! ~ Bella



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Dec 16, 2013
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Hey Bella, welcome to OS :)  

I moved this post to the general discussion section. 

You should get yourself a mask to protect yourself from asbestos if you are worried, I think a P3 mask should do the trick. However, asbestos is only a danger when it has been disturbed and it's particles have entered the atmosphere. With that in mind I would recommend always treading carefully so you don't disturb any asbestos in the first place. 

With dodgy floors I think you just need to use common sense, if it looks sunken then be wary. If there are holes where you can see the floor below, probably best to take another route. If it looks dodgy and you want to try it anyway just take it very slow and test every step with your foot first before putting all your weight on it. There is no exact science to it, my foot went through the floor in a house once, luckily just my leg and not the rest of my body. Also wearing boots is advisable as there can be some nasty nails waiting to stick into you. 

I hope this helps :D