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Great Britain Lansdowne House - Knowle - Aug 20


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Jun 3, 2019
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Ok a bit missleading that title, there is no house here but rather just barns & greenhouse.
I actually pulled in this entrance to relieve myself when out the other month & thought whats this then!

Im honestly baffled by whats happened here. The place was up for sale in 2014 for 2m & looked a stunning well kept property
The house for some reason has been razzed to the ground, maybe a fire? but I cant find anything on the net to suggest this.
Also baffling I cant find any pics from inside the house, did anyone ever explore this? Id be really intrigued to see pics if they have.

The history is equally as sparse, I did find that Knowle congregational church had a special Church meeting on 7th. November 1946, it was agreed to purchase the Three Manual, five pedal and 32 stops Reed Organ by John Holt. The organ was originally installed at Lansdowne House, a large house at the foot of Stripes Hill. The cost was £375 plus £25 dismantle and re-erection.
So thats it, all I can find about the place, Im sure someone will be able to discover more.

One of the nicest features was this lister diesel generator, presumably the only source of power for the house at one point.

The barns were mainly empty

Rather nice workshop / Tack room at the end

& that proper greenhouse

All that remains of the house

Bits of the ornate pond remain

Thats it from here