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Great Britain Loomer Road Stadium, Newcastle Under Lyme - December 2019


Old school (m8ty)
Aug 17, 2015
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Hi all something a little different from me but i still hope you enjoy.
This was a moouch with @gronk to see this place thats just closed down.
It was also a greyhound track and was a decent mooch so i thought i would upload it and let you see it.

History from wiki
Loomer Road Stadium is a sports stadium situated in Chesterton, Staffordshire. The building has considerable parking facilities, covered terracing and a bar with a view of the track. It currently has a capacity of 5,000.

Russell Bragg entered into an agreement with John Bryant to start greyhound racing and the first meeting took place on 11 April 1975. There were forty racing kennels on site and the track was known as Chesterton Greyhound Stadium. The track had a small circumference and consisted of 400 and 525 yards before it was switched in February 1979 to the more traditional practice of being located on the outside of the speedway circuit.[2] Unusually for a greyhound track it had been on the inside of the speedway which clearly limited the type of greyhound that could manoeuvre around the tight bends. The switch included a new 'Outside Sumner' hare system. The new distances were initially measured at 259, 455 and 658 metres with the total cost of the alterations being £15,000.
Directors Bill Corbett and Jack Eisenberg successfully applied to join the National Greyhound Racing Club permit scheme in the summer of 1981 but just one year later the experiment had failed and Chesterton reverted to independent status (unaffiliated to a governing body) on 30 November 1982. Stephen Pardoe the Racing Manager stated that "the reasons were purely economic". The costs of registrations and transfers were turning owners away and with the re-opening of the rival Cobridge track they were left with no choice but to leave the permit scheme.

From other sites.
Popular sports club Stoke Speedway is to close after more than 90 years following the sale of its North Staffordshire race track.
The Stoke Potters speedway team was formed in 1929 at Sun Street, in Hanley, but moved to its current Loomer Road home in Chesterton back in 1973.
But club officials have now confirmed this Saturday's event against Leicester Lion Cubs in the National League will be the final time a meeting is held at the stadium.
He said: "The speedway will close because the company that we pay our rent to has decided to sell the stadium. We have no option but to go along with that and this has been the situation now for many years. It has had offers before, but seems the right one has come along.
"That puts an end to Stoke Speedway and the stadium for motorsports. We've known this could happen for many years and it has been on the market, but this offer must have met the asking price.
"The current stadium is surrounded by industrial units and is a 16-acre site, so I imagine that is what it will become now."

Anyway on too the pics of another sad loss..

















Will end with this shot cause its new years soon ..... :)


Ok all have a great new year and hope you enjoyed this small ish report . Its new and fresh so thats why it needed a report up. Anyway all the best and i will do more im of too isle of white soon etc and will hopefully do some more cool stuf laters all. Looking now i could have stuck in leisure now i found it lol duhhhhhhh Hope you dont mind.
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