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Media / photo of the month contests

Hello everyone

You may have seen a thread pop up about "media of the month"

I thought I should explain a bit about it.
For quite some time, we have run photo contests on both the forum and Facebook - which were then used as cover photos on both platforms.
Facebook proved a much more popular and engaging contest than the forum, which is unfortunate as this is where the vast majority of our time and efforts go.

So in order to make it a bit more interesting, A feature was added to the forum which utilises our gallery. (something else I need to explain!)
It also associates more directly to the member, being displayed on the profile and banner.
We may also look to use the picture for a banner image, but it largely depends on how it presents - some do not work well.

Its quite easy to use, a thread is generated once a month and any user can submit to the album that is provided on a link.
I will be editing this to make it more prominent as it was too easy to miss,
Once submitted, anyone can vote on it.
And thats it.

There is another way to run it, which we will look to try if this doesnt work.

One thing is certain - it will only work if people use it! :)