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Netherlands PI Zwaag (Correctional Facility of Hoorn). - Dec 2021.


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Oct 5, 2017
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We have to go back to the late 80s for the history of this former prison complex. In the late 80s most of the prison complexs in the Netherlands were all dating back to the pre war times, this meant that they were really outdated for modern standards. This kick started a movement of constructing brand new revolutionary prison complexes all over the Netherlands. One of these complexes was the correctional facility of Zwaag near the Dutch city of Hoorn. This complex was truly different from any of the other ones due to the use of natural lighting. The idea was that the prisoners could always catch some natural lighting from the outside. This was created by large windows in the two prison blocks, the locals also referred to this prison as the glass container due to these large windows.
The complex when operational.

The prison had to close its doors in 2018 due to a lack of inmates. The prison was operational for just a bit less than 30 years. In the autumn of 2021 the prison was slated for demolition.

The state of the prison back in december of last year.

My visit:
My visit took place during the demolition of the complex during the Christmas of 2021. Block 1 was already under demolition which created this rather unique perspective. Block 2 was pretty much still intact which truly showed you the unique prison architecture of this complex. A small gymnastics hall was also located on the outskirts of the complex. For me this prison was a local spot I've driven by countless times, so this place was quite special for me to finally visit.


The partially demolished block 1:


Block 1.


Cell block 1.

The more intact block 2:

Cell block number 2.


The main hall.


The cellblock.


Cellblock 2.


Inside one of the cells.


Walkways to the different cells.




The gymnastics building:

The gymnastics hall.


There was also this small bath room.

I also made a small video covering the history of this prison:

Thanks for watching and have a good Easter!