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Private air raid shelter, August 2018

Sep 1, 2018
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Imagine that you are preparing yourself for an exploration for like a month and you are dreaming about it for like a year. Then the day finally arrives and EVERYTHING that could stop us happen at the same time. Not only this was a rainy day, but this was the infamous day that a bridge in Italy collapsed (I think that all of you heard about it), so the viability was totally blocked and we had almost run out of fuel. In addition this bomb shelter was actually really close to the bridge itself so there were many policemen and soldiers in the area. But at the end the exploration went smoothly.

About the site itself... This was an air raid shelter built during World War II, but it was reserved only to the workers of a near steel mill. It is 2 kilometers long and it could hold more or less 4500 people. I know that somewhere there are some big cages full of rocks which are designed to protect the bunker from the shock wave of the bombs, but we could't find them.

Even if I posted almost all the photos (because I think that all of them are important), here you can find the complete album at higher res:

"Move rapidly; don't think only about yourselves, other your comrades are still outside in danger."

Abandoned bomb shelter-1.jpg

Abandoned bomb shelter-2.jpg

"Do not stop: move on."

Abandoned bomb shelter-3.jpg

Left: "Don't smoke; air polluted by smoke causes illness to many of your comrades; give proof of politeness."

Right: "Zone reserved to the P.A.A squads." (I don't know what "P.A.A" stands for)

Abandoned bomb shelter-4.jpg

Abandoned bomb shelter-7.jpg

Abandoned bomb shelter-10.jpg

Abandoned bomb shelter-11.jpg

Abandoned bomb shelter-12.jpg

Abandoned bomb shelter-13.jpg

These stairs are completely covered in limestone.

Abandoned bomb shelter-14.jpg

Abandoned bomb shelter-15.jpg

Abandoned bomb shelter-16.jpg

Abandoned bomb shelter-17.jpg


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Aug 17, 2015
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Theres something about this that I really, really like.

The signs make it for me.

And JEEZ, those gates!