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Recent changes on Oblivion State

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Aug 17, 2015
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Good afternoon!

I know i'm hardly known for giving out short updates to the forum, but i'll try and keep this to the point... :)

There have been a lot of changes in the last 6 months, so I want to take the time to point them out.


Software - to most of you this really shouldn't make a difference. We have switched the platform we use in favour of something I believe is more suited to the requirements and challenges that Oblivion State faces.


With forum usage getting less and less across the overall community, its essential that users are happy with the content and usability when they visit. We are trying our best to focus on our members and their experience of the forum. Everyone has the following, and they will have guides posted in this section to help with their use;
  1. Ability to resize pictures. The forum does have a maximum size limit of photos, but you are able to resize your pictures whilst you are posting, and for a week after posting them. The option to do this is at the bottom of your post.
  2. Ability to edit your report for up to a week after posting.
  3. Photo uploads to the forum. This isnt a new feature, but it does deserve a mention as its come further than a year ago. We have been working hard to fix the breaking policy changes of photobucket and flickr. The forum is now in a position where 90% of the reports broken by this have either been removed, or relocated to be fixed by the author. As well as this, we are also much less vulnerable to the same changes in policy.
  4. Trophies/Posting achievements. To a lot of you this wont really matter, we will make some adjustments to this so it isn't as cheesy!
  5. Social media channel visibility. Our postings on Facebook and Twitter are now visible on the main page. If you are on these channels, please like / follow the pages. We are also on Instagram..
  6. Find your own threads in a forum easily. This is at the top of any forum --->
  7. Soon you will be able to add a cover photo to your profile.


The "Whats new" tab is quite a new addition which can be found next to the forums tab at the top of the page.


Its fairly self explanatory, however it includes the latest;
- Threads
- Posts
- Profile posts
- Status updates

Status updates haven't really been used, so are not included on the main page. Its on this one!

This is laid out quite differently to other forums and gives better prominence to the pictures.

Threads to be fixed

I mentioned this above, but I want to bring focus to it as they will not be in there forever. I will soon be sending out a bulk mail reminding anyone who has got reports in there to either fix them, or let me know they wont be. If I hear nothing by the end of January 2020 they will be cleared out, which would be a shame.
These are located here and here


Any member here will have seen the newer format newsletter that goes out every week, It doesn't just go off new content, but interaction - so please, get involved! :)

Facebook group

We have recently stopped sharing threads from here to our Facebook group as FB suppresses the links to almost no value. if you are interested, we are posting on our page which you can find on the forum homepage. The group is used for members to share their content, and we also regularly hold photo competitions with the winner getting pride of place as our banners.


And finally, donations. Not something I take joy in asking for, however the site is not free to run and is funded almost entirely by admin. There are a number of adverts for standard members which brings a small amount in, but if you can spare a few quid - it is always appreciated.

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