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Silverlands Manor - Chertsey, Surrey - Sept. 2014



Visited with The_Raw, Lenston, MrDan and DuttyJigsew.

Silverlands is a large country house in Chertsey, Surrey, I can't confirm the exact date of construction but it was in the years surrounding 1820, an estate has existed here under the name of 'Silverlond' since at least 1420 according to town records. First owned by Henry Hotham, a hero of the Napleonic wars in the early 19th Century, it's recent history is more controversial, after having served as an orphanage and a nurses training college for much of the latter 20th Century, in 2001 plans were made to relocate patients from Wolvercote Clinic for convicted paedophiles.

With 23 schools located within 2.5 miles of the Silverlands estate, one primary school just 5 minutes down the road, this caused a local outrage, on Oct 26th of that year the first of many candlelight vigils were held outside Silverlands by protestors, these were repeated weekly between 17:00 and 19:00 for several months. During these events the buildings went under intense refurbishment and maintenance, the ultimate bill for this and the required security arrangements almost hit £5'000'000. In July of 2002 it was confirmed that Silverlands would not be utilised for the rehabilitation of paedophiles, however the building has been vacant for the most part ever since.

The security arrangements in place today I imagine might remain from that time period, it is surrounded by a number of fences, the building itself has a fair amount of cameras, PIRs and loudspeakers located at strategic points.

Having seen images of the building not so many years ago, the place is not looking it's best anymore, mostly damage from water leaks through the roof, many of the more ornate and beautiful rooms on the ground floor have collapsing ceilings and damaged floors, electricity still works throughout the building however.

Was a nice chilled out visit overall.


I'm not sure where this would have once hung but it's seen better days like most of this place. :p

The central courtyard.

Some of the more ornate rooms which make up the ground floors. They're really starting to fall apart.

A live feed of the numerous external video cameras, the buzz coming from the substantial comms cabinet to the left doesn't leave me with much doubt it's being beamed elsewhere.

Hundreds of keys in here.

The main hall.

A newspaper upstairs dates back to the last year of permanent occupancy.

Pulled from my blog page @ www.unexposed.photography, have linked back to Oblivion State :) .

Cheers for reading. :)


skeleton key

Full Member
Jun 26, 2011
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Cool set there and sounds like you guys had a good time and run of the place.

Lots more decay going on there now but if honest I think splore wise makes the place better than its ever been.

Oh and we had a message from some guy asking for us to remove one of your post :eek:

Hes reasons for requesting were considered rubbish mate and the worlds all good.

Thanks for the share bud and keep at it (y)



Full Member
Jan 23, 2013
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Its a beautiful place and such a shame it being left to rot, stunning set :)



O.S Friend AAA
Sep 11, 2010
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Beautiful place, nice bit of history and a cracking set of pics, crying shame it's been left to rot !

Thanks for the share