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Great Britain Stanton Ironworks - Sept 20


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Jun 3, 2019
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In 1855 the Incorporation of the Stanton Iron Works Co In 1870 The Franco-Prussian War created a huge demand for iron; the works expanded rapidly with the construction of new furnaces and foundries (the New Works) alongside the Erewash Canal in the early 1870s.
In 1877 this was one of the first factorys to install electric arc lighting. It was a new factory to produce cast pipes. Owned by George and John Crompton.
1900 The The Stanton Ironworks Company Ltd was registered on 6 July, in reconstruction of a company of the same name Stanton Ironworks.

In 1923 The company decided to put three further blast-furnaces into operation on March 1st. The company was then working twelve out of its seventeen furnaces.
By 1927 with Mr. C. R. Crompton as Chairman and Mr. W. Benton Jones among the Directors. It owned seventeen blast furnaces, with a consumption of 337,000 tons of coke per annum.

In 2017 the company has some 7000 people on its pay roll - 3000 at Stanton, the same number at the collieries and 1000 at the ironstone mines.

Visited here with @HughieD & my lad, despite this being a live site it was a fairly relaxed explore though stories of police attendance etc meant we were extra careful while approaching the "live curtain" it was a fun explore for sure.

not sure if this is true about @mookster but I didnt do it.

Thanks For Looking