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Aug 17, 2015
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Evening OS users!

I'd like to point out a couple of additions to the forums you may find useful, and should be aware of.

  1. Help and Support area.
Pretty self explanatory really. This is for technical issues that you may be having around the forum, questions with your account etc.
You can either post to the area directly, or use the "contact staff" button at the top of the forum. The only difference being the button will also send us an email.
Both admins and moderators are involved in this area, but after this your threads are private to you. If you have never posted anything you should see an empty forum.
Hopefully this will result in quicker response times and allows us better tracking.

2. Thread fixing area

This area is what admins and moderators are now using to store threads that are broken in some way ( mostly broken pictures)
It isn't really intended for things like dates missing from reports.
We will prune the area every so often where its evident the user isnt around anymore or otherwise bothered.
The viewing permissions for this are the same as the help and support areas. Only the OP, admins and mods can see and edit. The difference here is that you have longer to edit the reports to fix them.
Please keep an eye on this area so we can restore the thread back to public view.

Finally, I would encourage members to get involved with the free discussion area. It is what is says on the tin, pretty much anything you like within reason.