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Italy Villa Imperiali - Jul, 2021.


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Oct 5, 2017
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Located on the outskirts of a large Italian city lays one impressive derelict villa. This villa dates all the way back to the early 1600s when it was constructed by a wealthy ambassador. After the death of the ambassador the villa changed owners a couple of times. The story truly becomes interesting at the end of the 1800s. At this time a British business man and diplomat acquired the villa for his family. The new owner made his wealth by setting up a trade route from the port of Genua in Italy to the US port of New Orleans. During the first years of ownership the villa got renovated extensively. Modern innovations like electricity were installed for example, some new design trends were also added to the interior of the villa. One of the most noticeable additions of this time was the grand corridor and the prestigious living room which laid central in the villa. After the death of the British businessman the villa was once again sold to several different owners. At the start of the 80s a British actress bought the already outdated villa. A couple of years after she bought the villa she left the villa abandoned.

Nowadays the villa has fell victim to heavy decay. A more recent addition is the damage done by vandals. The future of the grand villa is uncertain.


Exterior of the villa.


The prestigious main living room.


Central hallway leading to the living room.


Main staircase.


Main lobby of the villa.


The basement.


The two corridors leading to once large garden.

There's also a video report on the history of this grand villa:

Thanks for reading and watching!