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Great Britain White Ladies - Loughborough - Feb 20


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Jun 3, 2019
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I keep hearing "all domestics are crap & they have all been trashed these days", well last year I did quite a few of this standard but unfortunately the only reason they are not destroyed is through keeping them quiet. No-one likes doing so but this is the age of the goontube we live in.

White Ladies is an extraordinary deco house with a deceptively bland exterior, but inside is a delightful mix of unusual design & high tech living.
The pièce de résistance being a roof top terrace & swimming pool.

I should mention at this point that White Ladies is now being lovingly renovated by a new owner & the progress can be followed on insta here https://www.instagram.com/artdecoheights/

I also know they & their followers dont take too kindly to "our kind" so Im expecting some backlash from this report, but would like to make it clear that as always we didnt break entry here & are doing our bit to preserve the history of such places.

White Ladies,is grade 2 listed & described as an Art Deco house built in the 1920s or 1930s is listed at Grade II for the following principal reasons:

Architectural interest:

* a very good example of a detached suburban house in the Art Deco style with its flat roof, stepped façade and strong geometric blocks which create a well-proportioned composition with a bold variation in plane;
* White Ladies horizontal character and sharply clean lines are emphasised by the repetition of wide terracotta bands and large metal-framed windows, the intricate design of the stained glass offering a surprisingly delicate antidote to this dominant geometric quality;

I have a lot of pics from here for which I make no apologies for, I bloody loved this house & would of done the restoration myself in a heartbeat had funds allowed.
Ill now start the tour from bottom up.

The first living room was full of stuff & had a cool deco fireplace flanked by narrow windows that housed glass shelves & ornaments.

The second larger living / dining room was pretty empty bar a few shelves. There was also a book of calling cards with the house name & adress on which I found quite cool.

This corner hosed a modern sound system & a shelving alcove that I believe used to be a window back in the day.

Moving on the kitchen was pretty uneventful until I opened the fridge, I honestly nearly wretched with the smell from the years old produce that had just been left in there

Back to the galley this had a pretty cool fireplace & the hand cranked dumb waiter serving all 3 floors of the property.

Moving upstairs the bedrooms were full of retro gear

The 2 bathrooms on this level were rather nice retro examples

From this level you can see whilst a pool on the roof seems a good idea, having concrete stairs accessing the roof room to it is not! This considerable weight of concrete was hanging on by the skin of its teeth from a perilous journey through the floor below!

Lastly I made my way up the narrow winding staircase to the roof.

This room was formally a ramshackle conservatory & later converted into a more substantial brick built affair, complete with sound system, games consoles, animal cages, pool table , bed , dumb waiter & access to the terrace & pool I could only imagine the hours of entertaining that could of took place up here!

Photos of the house on its former glory.

To finish off outside we go

Oops dont tread there

I think thats enough, chow for now!

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Aug 17, 2015
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That's some gaff there.
Never good when milk goes that colour, can quite imagine the smell you were greeted with.

This is great example of a non public report, although I fully understand the apprehension.

This is less than 10 miles from me and I'd never heard of it.

Nice work.


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Dec 16, 2013
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Looks like a cool house. Shame they let it turn into such a mess but good that they're restoring it.