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Zeche WH - March 2015



Visited with The_Raw and Monkey, cheers Miaro and Andy for the location info. :) huge site, we were there for quite a few hours and didn't explore half the buildings due to time constraints, a coal mine dating back to 1902, we managed to get into the coking and refinery works. Security is stepped up quite a bit recently apparently and we saw and heard a fair few people on site.

The last mining shaft was filled in by 1999, the colliery and with works were closed in 2008. Was told the site is due for demo very soon but other info I've found online talk about it being retained as a industrial monument.

There were a set of circular tracks on one level with a ton of control panels to go with it, and a set of turbines up top of the tallest building on site, we really didn't expect to find it there after climbing all the way up through countless dark empty rooms. :)

The tracks.

Control panel in the turbine room. With a very comfy reclining chair.

Conveyor belts, we used these to move between buildings with some ease.

A lot more to see here potentially.



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Dec 16, 2013
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Quality shots there mate, loved this place. Right, gonna sort mine out now :D