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  2. Only a few quick shots, taken without a tripod. I don't know when the chapel (called "Capel Zinc") was built, it was a subsidiary tabernacle for the now Holy Trinity Church in Corris. Chairs has been removed and apparently the property is now used by a flower grower. Visited with @The_Raw and @Miss.Anthrope. 1 2 3 4
  3. Beautiful place and the staircase is stunning
  4. Nice place and a beautiful ceiling.
  5. @nightcrawler they were only taken in April mate. Still there and surrounded by a new housing estate. Well worth it in my opinion but I have heard that Police have been called on occasion
  6. wow, really amazing building, was just researching it a little bit and see there are over 100 houses there with military families in pus some 28 vacant and being vandalised, how old are the photos ? as if still in this condition im thinking its worth the drive
  7. This was an old explore from 2012 , the church and school closed in 1977 and Im not sure if its still empty or has been redeveloped
  8. A couple of days ago I went up into a local forest to search for a tiny old school. There are no location details online so it kind of was like looking for a needle in a haystack so finding something was better than nothing at all No, the music isn't from Psycho
  9. Last week
  10. hi urbexbandoned the limeworks shut down in 1999 and its on the edge of a wood ....its only a small place but very photogenic
  11. My name is Suiz, i just recently moved from the Pensacola area into Huntsville. Trying to look for any other explorers in the area that wanna link up.
  12. Hello comatose, Welcome to Oblivion State. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. comatose joined on the 06/21/2018. View Member
  13. Nice bit of history to that mate and really liking shot 2 :comp:
  14. Hi & welcome! look forward to seeing some of your explores and if theres anything you need any help with feel free to ask
  15. Looks pretty cool, I love how decayed it is and the colours photograph well
  16. Like the detailed shot of the handle Is it in the middle of a forest? Looks like its been out of action for some time but still nice to get a few pics
  17. I haven't seen a taco in years!! At least you got a few pics
  18. I like your style of pics Looks like a really cool place and particularly like number 5 thanks for sharing
  19. Well thats pretty nice isn't it! Really like those old control panels. I like the lighting in the pics, looks very dated
  20. Some cool pics from there, Ive also updated the title with the country of location
  21. Missed this one, some great pics. Always nice to look back at memories.
  22. Nice with the light and the moss on the fourth picture.
  23. Andy

    Cloud cottage

    I was there five weeks ago. At this time, access was possible through a small window at the front. But of course that may already have changed again.
  24. In Italy, there are a few small houses / villas that look like nothing and uninteresting from the outside, but inside some of them have ceiling paintings or things like that. So it's always worth taking a look inside when you pass an abandoned house in Italy.
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