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  1. Yesterday
  2. That's a great report, that control room is epic. Trouser accident inducing stuff 😎😀
  3. My derpage meter was twitching favourably 🤣
  4. You've got some cracking shots there, the one with the washing machines is ace!
  5. That is the nuts. Breathtaking stuff there, not sure how you'll follow that! 😁
  6. Nice to see this one pop up again Great photo! Thanks for sharing.
  7. This looks great. The stained glass window is amazing
  8. Quite like that, fridges look nice and a lot older than the table 😊
  9. Hello there, from Cambridgeshire. Have been exploring for a few years found some interesting and unique stuff over time.
  10. This is one of the most attractive rooftop in my hometown Gabrovo. Try new extreme stunt - walking on the edge and juggling. Concentration and confidence in yourself, without the right to mistake.
  11. Aha nice one! Had a go at this once with @Ferox but we didn’t get in ☹️ was sealed pretty tight but I think back in the day everyone & his dog visited this place. Think that was the day we wrote off Liverpool 😂
  12. Looks like a nice explore and chair shots galore! Some ace photos there, thanks for sharing them 🤘 Definitely a good thing that the place is no longer in operation.
  13. That's awesome mate 😍
  14. Another well visited place May 2019 Formerly it used to be some form of home for single mothers with children apparently from ireland (salvation army maternity home) , also kim catrell was apparently born there Now the depressing bit Two brothers were fined more than £82,000 after their “depressing, unhygienic and unsafe” care home was shut down by inspectors. These breaches were assessed by CQC as extreme, as the seriousness of the concerns placed a significant risk on the lives, health and well-being of the people living in the home. The premises were unsafe and poorly maintained. There was insufficient hot water and unsafe windows in many people’s bedrooms. The premises were also unclean and placed people at risk from infection. People were smoking in the building where the fire detection units were faulty and oxygen cylinders were also present which caused a considerable fire hazard. The list goes on and on thankfully no one died as a consequence the above issues
  15. Treading a well worn path to this behemoth of a building The foundation stone for Greenbank Drive Synagogue was laid on 14 June 1936 by Baron Tobias Globe attended by the Chief Rabbi of the British Empire, Dr J H Hertz. The building was consecrated on August 15 1937 and opened by Professor Henry Cohen (a member of the congregation and later Lord Cohen of Birkenhead). The basement area of the building was originally used as a youth centre and the synagogue had its own scout troop (the 22nd Wavertree). During the blitz in 1941 Greenbank Drive Synagogue was used as a reception centre for bombed out families in Liverpool and held a non-Jewish service at Christmas. It was also used as a social centre during the war by American Jewish GIs stationed at an air base in Burtonwood, Warrington. After the war they presented a plaque to the congregation (displayed in the entrance hall). In May 1959 a burglar started a fire that destroyed the Ark and Torah scrolls and part of the roof structure. The building was subsequently restored by the original firm of architects at a cost of £50,000 and re-consecrated in 1961. Due to increasing competition the youth centre closed at this time. A further fire occurred in two first floor offices behind the ladies' gallery in 1965 but damage was confined to the former areas. The building ceases active use on January 5 2008.
  16. It one of those obscure buildings. You wouldn't expect it was a morgue unless you got told. It is absolutely stunning considering how small it is. Felt like it should be an isolated building in the country.
  17. Last week
  18. Cool how this mortuary stays mostly off the radar for all these years!
  19. cheers guys, certainly was a fun mission, felt like being in metal gear solid 😁 except with less invisible cyborg ninjas and more bangers and mash.
  20. What a cool little morgue! Nice slab and decay.
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