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  2. I’ve always found that amusing. No idea you’re in the derp lol.
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  4. Not too shabby mate. There's something I quite like about being in a derp and observing people going about their ordinary business just outside!
  5. Thanks Jay it was definitely untouched, pretty much as it was when the last people left. Not often houses have such a feel to them. ☺ Thanks a lot Jane 💥☺💥 Thanks Andy, there was certainly a lot in there to photograph, perfect location for me, lots of ancient war stuff to browse through ☺ Very rare indeed mate and hopefully left in peace now for time to take care of 😀
  6. On my way home from an overnight explore down south, it seemed a shame to waste the beautiful summer-like days we were having in mid-February, so I decided to stop off at RAF Coningsby's old weapons storage facility. It's not all that far from where I live, and I'd been meaning to take a look whenever I had a chance, so this seemed like the ideal opportunity. History RAF Coningsby Remote Weapons Store, as the name suggests, is a facility built for the purpose of storing and preparing weapons including missiles and bombs, situated in a separate compound close to the outer edge of the main airbase. The facility was built in order to reduce the quantity of explosives stored within the base, therefore reducing the number of personnel and aircraft exposed to risk. An incident occurred in 1971 when an electrostatic discharge caused a SNEB rocket that was being prepared to initiate its rocket motor. Two armourers were killed, and this could be one of the reasons for deciding to build the store further away. RAF Coningsby itself is operational as Quick Reaction Alert station, and is home to Eurofighter Typhoons from No. 3 Squadron, No. XI Squadron and No. 29 Squadron. Little information is available about the history of the bomb store, but this is no surprise owing to the fact it belongs to an active RAF base. The facility has separate storage and preparation facilities and does not appear on historic maps dated 1977 or earlier. Hardened Aircraft Shelters were constructed within the airbase from 1981-1987 to accommodate Tornado Jets. The Tornados were capable of carrying a range of missiles and weaponry, so it is likely the weapons storage facility was built around the same time as the hangars to service the weaponry for those aircraft. The facility appears to have been out of use for a good number of years. Aerial view of the weapons store as seen on Google Maps This hand-drawn plan was found within the site View down the road of section 1 Storage areas in section 4 The entrance to storage area 14C Building 21F entrance Building 12 contained this mobile communications unit Inside the mobile comms unit There were also some opened crates of naval gun mounts Missile Servicing Bay and an ivy-clad building Inside the ivy building Missile Servicing Bay A few of the other buildings scattered around the site... Looking over to the command centre Inside the command centre Bunk beds I'm not sure what this does, but it looked pretty cool Huge diesel generator Sentry post at the east gate Eastern gateway
  7. That's a good tower, and the other room you found is really interesting too
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  10. Thank you very much. It was like a small bunker, only one room. Maybe it was used as storage for ammunition, but I have no clue to be honest.
  11. that's really nicer, love the ceilings and those pillars are pretty nice too! Great find
  12. Some really interesting things left in there. Some of those murals are pretty funky! Thanks for sharing
  13. Some really nice pics mate, especially the chair with the cobwebs I like the dated pics as well That is one hell of a prize isn't it!! Lucky them!
  14. I really like that! Like your detailed shots. Isnt it rewarding when you finally get to explore somewhere you've wanted to.. so many really nice features left but I do like the whole place and the detail on the balcony
  15. What a shame to see all of those personal photo's and possessions strewn around like that. Sadly its the norm in most places nowadays. Looks like it would have been a fine place in its day! Thanks for sharing
  16. I love how those bookshelves are bowing so much and still standing! Like this, very photogenic despite its decay
  17. No I didn't. Don't know what the state of it is now. The next sites I will do in Taiwan will be BIG, I hope. Trouble is once I've done those I won't have anywhere to go afterwards, lest I look beyond the island.
  18. Did you look at the chinease market in Tainan? It was full of dusty old arcade machines when I went there with work about 5 years ago. Loved seeing the hospital again. great reports.
  19. That's cool. I like the weird shaped mirrors on the outside in pic 4
  20. Cheers mate..since I first went..the indoor jet tester had been locked.one building demolished and another under restoration Cheers mate..has you know I made numerous visits too cover it all..Ha ha that story is brilliant.i love hearing your tales from here
  21. Nice one once again Mikey, you've probably got the most extensive collection of photos from this place that i've seen. In 2006 before the place closed, the whole station assembled on the pan in front of this building for a station photograph, which was to be taken from the top. They had 4 Jaguars parked behind us. The Station Commander at the time was, lets just say, a little "round". There was a ladder that allowed you to climb on to the top of the ATC building and when the Station commander was slowly climbing back down, someone made the 'heavy vehicle beep beep beep' noise and the whole station pretty much laughed at the big boss. He was fucking not impressed! I'll see if i can find the photo somewhere.
  22. Very interesting. Where does the entrance lead to?
  23. That's nice Mikey. Quite a lot of stuff on offer at that site
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