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  2. First report here, the well-known Chateau wolfenstein. Lost somewhere in the Belgian Ardennes, the castle was built 1931 by a rich Baron. It has many use throught the years, hospital, command centre during the war, care home for soldiers and, apparently some kind of jail for war and politic prisonners. Now, it 's still a part a the hospital complex but it is unused, except for a room where the hospital stocks some servers.
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  4. I've added the details to the title and changed the tag to US for you. It just makes it easier to search for on the forum . Looking forward to seeing other places from over there if you have any
  5. Actually, not so short) They caught us after 3h of hiding) In theory, we could maybe run the railway until the place where we could go out.
  6. Nice pictures) That's what I can add from my side)
  7. Hello HP-35, Welcome to Oblivion State. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. HP-35 joined on the 06/16/2018. View Member
  8. History The engineering company J.E. Billups of Cardiff who also constructed Mireystock Bridge and the masonry work on the Lydbrook viaduct commenced construction of the tunnel in 1872 using forest stone. The tunnel is 221 metres in length and took 2 years to construct. The tunnel allowed the connection of the Severn and Wye Valley railway running from Lydney with the Ross and Monmouth network at Lydbrook. The first mineral train passed through the tunnel on 16 August 1874. Passenger services commenced in September 1875 pulled by the engine Robin Hood. The history of this section of line is not without incident - a railway ganger was killed in the tunnel by a train in 1893 and a locomotive was derailed by a fallen block of stone in the cutting at the northern entrance in 1898. The line officially closed to passenger trains in July 1929 but goods trains continued to use the line until the closure of Arthur & Edward Colliery at Waterloo in 1959 and Cannop Colliery in 1960. Lifting of the track was completed in 1962. The tunnel and cutting were buried with spoil in the early 1970's. Thanks to the vision and enthusiasm of a group of local Forest railway enthusiasts assisted by Forest Enterprise the top of the northern portal of the tunnel (with its unusual elliptical shape) which has lain buried for 30 years has now been exposed. As of 2018 the tunnel now still lays abandoned with no sign of the cycle track and the £50,000 funding seemingly gone to waste. Pics Thanks for looking
  9. Lil mix of religious spots in Italia ❤️
  10. Indeed, I have heard about those which was why I asked. Glad it didn't go that way for you
  11. thanks 😃 well we didn't go to the tribunal so I guess it's alright The people who caught us were pretty nice, they even drove us back to our car... But I heard some other guys were not as lucky as us...
  12. Some nice pics there, shame your visit was cut short. Any problems, or all ok in the end?
  13. An early partial visit of blast furnaces with @Himeiji that ended by being caught by securitas, who called another security crew, who called the cops...... I wanna go back there but I don't know if I should :s Hell, Mittal's a bitch, but a beautiful one xD
  14. Hello Rick Sanchez11, Welcome to Oblivion State. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Rick Sanchez11 joined on the 06/16/2018. View Member
  15. Sooo I just got an IR converted D70 (590nm) and I went to test it in the well known Terres Rouges, trying to more or less emulate the Aerochrome look... I'm a it bummed as the lens I used has a hotspot in IR and I didn't notice it before going home... I guess this wont be for anyone's taste ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  16. Hello JMK, Welcome to Oblivion State. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. JMK joined on the 06/16/2018. View Member
  17. This is a quality report @Hydro - thanks for sharing it.
  18. Fond memories of these old explores, so long ago since I did my first explore. 11 years ago I started exploring. Still look at abandoned buildings exactly the same but a old lady now lol at 62. In my head I am 40 but the rest sais otherwise. Great to see this site again and all the explores, well done all of you for the work you do. Happy exploring xx
  19. Did you ever mange to get in an have a look @mattkasp_er?
  20. Tiem chamber has recently had an update too, looks amazing.
  21. Did anyone find this or manage to folow up on @SuZyQue lead?
  22. This one was visited on my latest trip through Germany. This was the water treatment facility of a power plant. That power plant is already gone. There were also some outdoor water basins ,but they were well overgrown. The only thing I took from this facility were several mosquito's bites. IMG_0345-bewerkt by Bart Hamradio, on Flickr IMG_0337 by Bart Hamradio, on Flickr IMG_0376 by Bart Hamradio, on Flickr IMG_0366-HDR by Bart Hamradio, on Flickr IMG_0408 by Bart Hamradio, on Flickr IMG_0394 by Bart Hamradio, on Flickr IMG_0364-bewerkt-bewerkt by Bart Hamradio, on Flickr
  23. I was passing here today on way home from work so called in to have a look ...Quite a nice little explore ☺️
  24. Number 3 is a little over processed for me, but overall a good location - nice one @Jep27
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