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    Frequently Asked Questions


    What is Urban Exploring? 

    A definition of urban exploring is generally accepted as "The exploration of man-made structures (usually abandoned) or the parts of the man made environment that are not usually seen."  However Urban Exploring can be much broader than that. 


    Isn't it Illegal? 

    Put simply, in the UK, no. Trespass is however a civil wrong in the UK and you should be aware that certain sites are protected by bylaws (like railways) and some sites are criminal to trespass on (Like licensed nuclear sites.) We are not an authority on what is and is not legal and we encourage you to do your own research and satisfy yourself that you know what you are doing before taking part in the hobby. 


    Isn't is dangerous? 

    This is very subjective because what one person considers dangerous, another person thinks is perfectly normal. Like everything of this nature, it is up to you as an individual to take charge of your own personal safety and work out what you consider to be dangerous. We encourage people to stay within their limits and take common sense precautions such as going in groups, making sure someone knows where you are, carrying a mobile phone and items such as first aid kits etc. in case of emergencies. 


    How do I participate?

    It's really quite simple, just get out there and explore, then post your findings on the forum. the only thing we ask is try and keep it interesting. While it might be fascinating for you to go and explore the abandoned Chinese restaurant up the road, it probably holds little to no interest for our members. There's information on how to structure and post reports in the Forum help section. 


    Do I need an expensive camera? 

    No! You don't even need a camera to do urban exploring, however if you want to share your experiences on the forum it helps! People use everything from their mobile phone to a top-of-the range DSLR, but there's not requirement to have any specific sort of equipment to participate. 


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