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    Who is Oblivion State?


    Oblivion State


    The Aim of Our forum


    Oblivion State exists as an online community to allow people to share their experiences of Urban Exploration. It is our aim to keep these message boards fun and friendly; Banter is allowed, but insults are not. We want all our members to feel valued here, whether you're just starting out in the hobby or you've been doing it for ten years, everyone is welcome. 


    While we appreciate the time and effort some people put into their photography, we are primarily an exploring forum and not a photography forum. This means that artistic photographs showing models in derelict places and those that are too heavily edited from the original so you can't really see what the place is properly are not the sort of content that we aim to have on here. 


    Oblivion State is run by a group of enthusiasts voluntarily, we are not a club or organisation, we have no physical presence or registered offices and we do not organise events or allow events to be organised in our name. This website is supported purely by voluntary donations and personally by its founders, admins and moderators. 


    We specifically do not condone breaking and entering or any other illegal activities and will not allow such material to be promoted on the forum in any way, shape or form.


    Forum membership


    Forum membership to Oblivion State is free, there are no paid for sections on this forum.

    There are two stages to membership on Oblivion State.


    1. Member

    2. Full Member


    Promotion from one group to the other is at the discretion of the admin/moderator team and is based purely on contributions to the forum, not necessarily post count or length of membership. There is a non public section for more sensitive sites that is not publicly viewable. 


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