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    History stolen from @Buffalo: Salem Methodist Chapel was built in 1833 in Arthog, near Barmouth in North Wales. In 1868 it was rebuilt in the Gothic style of the gable-entry type, by architect Thomas of Landore, and eventually closed in 1973. Apparently the owner of the building moved abroad to avoid paying a bill for a quarter of a million pounds, which means as a result the walls and other works of the structure are unsafe to passing motorists and local residents due to lack of maintenance. It has been assessed and surveyed and is deemed likely to collapse on itself if it does go. The explore Took quite a long walk to get here, but it was well worth the visit. Even ended up sleeping here on a late night out, the place was pretty far gone and was falling down. It was nice to get to explore a chapel as this was something new for us both.
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    As I've already written to Buffalos pics: It's a nice place. I like the first black & white shot, the green window with the plants and the organ.
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    This was another stop on one a 3 day euro trip with a couple of good friends, and i'd been wanting to see this one for a while. I think we missed the boat on this one, as there was a sign up outside with plans for redevelopment, and not much to see inside - although a couple of shots still to be had. I'd heard tales of an angry neighbour here, and with one of party deciding to stay in the car we went off to shoot. Luckily I was almost finished and we heard 2 beeps on the horn.. we looked at eachother and both acknowledging what they meant we packed out gear up and made a rather quick exit, just as a rather large 4x4 was coming down the road behind us - nice escape Kept this one short and sweet, but as always - thanks for looking!
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    This seemed to be a hotel for nearby ski slopes, but a newer hotel made this one redundant. We spent a good few hours in here, and even bumped into another explorer. He was a man of few words, but was pleasant enough. We found an underground bar - pitch black and smelling of damp, but it had remained untouched. We must've spent half an hour down here trying to light paint shots, but it was worth it. This was one of the last locations of the day before a long (and rather eventful) drive into Czech Republic for our hotel. A road closure meant a 45 minute diversion, or manoeuvring a rather large merc over a very tight pedestrian foot bridge - eventually we got there, with a 4973 point turn and only one foot being ran over in the process By this point a hotel was welcomed, and a warm shower along with a comfy bed and some cheap Czech booze went down a treat! As always, thanks for looking!
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    Nice place & beautiful decay there.
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    Really nice shots, looks like an awesome explore!
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    Crazy it's been left to decay like that, very nice
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    You got some crackers there mate, captured the place well The pano of the front is a belter. Some bastard had parked there car right in front of it when I went. Ruining any decent shots of the front of the building
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    Not seen this bit yet; although I've done the vagrancy cells Its on my proverbial doorstep Excellent work
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