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    This location is the one where you quickly hear the stories about: impossible, the mount everest of the urbex, don't even try ... But sometmes this steel giant likes some company over too and there were rumours of a slight chance to get in. The date was set already and actually something else was on the program but when one fellow exploer had heard that there were loopholes in the net of the impenetrable hell gate (read: fences, 3 rows of nato wire and another 200V power wire as icing on the cake) we wanted to attempt. The hell gate was only a smaller obstacle, because once you pass you are on the playground of little demons in white vans that approach almost without any sound, or with a shepherd dog at their side. With all of the above in mind, I had a very turbulent night's sleep 3 nights in advance. In the end, the steel gods favoured us that day, which enabled me to enjoy this beautiful exploration. Very briefly it became exciting when there were 5 people in the building with helmets and hi-visability jackets. After some back-and-forth texting with my mates, and some cat and mouse tricks to avoid thm, I first hid in a closet and then rushed me to the top where the rest of our team was. Once there, I crossed the 5 fluos ... 5 eyes on me, 2 of them with open mouth. A French voice 'mais, elle est ici tout seule?' 'vous n'avez pas peur'? It turned out to be just the most flashy explorers you can imagine, not to mention the decibels they produced. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
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    This is a spectacular location for sure, surrounded by wonderful dramatic coastline. If you've got time I'd recommend bringing a packed lunch!! You could be watching the waves crash against the rugged cliffs, maybe if you're lucky you might spot a seal or a puffin passing by. Here in 1951 plans were set up to build a plant which would extract bromine from sea water and by adding sulphuric acid would then create liquid bromine. The bromine was then reacted with ethylene to produce Dibromoethane which was a key component of leaded petrol. With the phasing out of leaded petrol in the 1990's the plant diversified into other bromine chemicals. Production finally stopped altogether in March 2004. Many of the buildings have been demolished but there was enough standing to make this high on my wish list - plenty of natural decay and lots of interesting stuff left on site. Its been fairly undisturbed due to a combination of its remote location, CCTV and onsite security. Sadly though a recent fire has badly damaged one of the buildings (not quite sure which one). The photos in this report are a compilation. I had to make a return visit because the first time I somehow missed the conference room and the main attraction for me - the medical area. I really like how much variety there is, hence why there's quite a few pics
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    This building used to be a monastery but in the first World War it was turned into an emergency hospital for soldiers who fought in the trenches. Many Belgian soldiers were brought into care here, which explains why the ' don't spit on the floor" sign is both in French and English. We came here on a chilly winters day in December. I loved how the warm sunlight supported the nice colours in the building. It's also the first location in which i stripped down to take a selfie, to find out later on, loads of other explorers had been there on the same day. this could had turned out very awkward 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Thanks for watching.
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    Ouvrage Hobling is a lesser work (petit ouvrage) of the Maginot Line. Located in the Fortified Sector of Boulay, the ouvrage consists of two infantry blocks and two observation blocks, and is located between gros ouvrage Michelsberg and petit ouvrage Bousse, facing Germany. Hobling was approved for construction by CORF (Commission d'Organisation des Régions Fortifiées), the Maginot Line's design and construction agency, in 1931 and became operational by 1935, at a cost of 14 million francs. Hobling played no significant role in either the Battle of France in 1940 or the Lorraine Campaign of 1944. After the Second World War it became part of the Mòle de Boulay, a strongpoint in the northeastern defenses against Soviet attack. It remained under Army control until 1971, after which it was declassified and sold in 1975. It has been stripped of metals and left abandoned. I've been to a fair few of these now. It's often a wild goose chase looking for the entrance in the middle of the forest but that's part of the fun. I think this was the only success we had out of 5 attempts that day so it was nice to get something done. There's hardly any pictures online so we weren't sure what to expect. It turned out to be in fairly good condition, no graffiti, the kitchen still intact, and a few other bits worth seeing. As with all of these bunkers it's an important piece of WWII history which is why I find them so fascinating no matter how little or how much is left. Visited with @Andy, afterwards I took him for a romantic meal Not a good time to lose your footing.... [ One of the gun turrets Thanks for looking
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    Collegio di Musica was a large religious school built in the 60s by the Salesian Society and closed in the 80s. Although it's quite well known it's still in a quite good condition. #1 DSC07073 by Ghost-Scooter, auf Flickr #2 DSC07074 by Ghost-Scooter, auf Flickr #3 DSC07076 by Ghost-Scooter, auf Flickr #4 DSC07078 by Ghost-Scooter, auf Flickr #5 DSC07110 by Ghost-Scooter, auf Flickr #5 DSC07111 by Ghost-Scooter, auf Flickr #6 DSC07079 by Ghost-Scooter, auf Flickr #7 DSC07080 by Ghost-Scooter, auf Flickr #8 DSC07081 by Ghost-Scooter, auf Flickr #9 DSC07083 by Ghost-Scooter, auf Flickr #10 DSC07112 by Ghost-Scooter, auf Flickr #10 DSC07084 by Ghost-Scooter, auf Flickr #11 DSC07086 by Ghost-Scooter, auf Flickr #12 DSC07114 by Ghost-Scooter, auf Flickr #13 DSC07093 by Ghost-Scooter, auf Flickr #14 DSC07095 by Ghost-Scooter, auf Flickr #15 DSC07096 by Ghost-Scooter, auf Flickr #16 DSC07097 by Ghost-Scooter, auf Flickr #17 DSC07098 by Ghost-Scooter, auf Flickr #18 DSC07100 by Ghost-Scooter, auf Flickr #19 DSC07102 by Ghost-Scooter, auf Flickr #20 DSC07104 by Ghost-Scooter, auf Flickr #21 DSC07105 by Ghost-Scooter, auf Flickr #22 DSC07106 by Ghost-Scooter, auf Flickr #23 DSC07107 by Ghost-Scooter, auf Flickr #24 DSC07108 by Ghost-Scooter, auf Flickr
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    That is truly spectacular!!! The sleepless nights and obstacles looks totally worth it for the reward
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    The team behind the Lost Place Tapes is looking for a rare vehicle hidden in a place where no one suspects it to be. What we find is breathtaking, morbid, frightening and depressing at the same time ... As always, English subtitles are available for the episode!!!
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    I see what you mean about the sunlight, that's lovely.
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    I Think wow is prettt appropriate. love the pictures, you can just imagine finding a frail old person sitting there asleep.
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    Felt very strange walking around here that day for me. Enjoyed it as always Shots came out very nice too
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    Some of my car-pics: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
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