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    Looks like a great place with lots left to see, always good to see a place with so much natural decay and so little graffiti. I love the staircases especially shot 21 (part1), and mmmm I love those spider shots
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    Awesome job as always! I like how you capture Derps in such an intimate way
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    Cool set, liking the shots of the things left behind. I seriously think I'll move to live in Germany!!!
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    Looking good Andy and can see you have a spider fetish
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    I counted 9 toilets/toilet chairs and it made me very happy doing so A very cool selection of pictures Andy as per usual, and i hope The Raw likes the spiders
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    Great looking location, so much to see. Another great set of pics thanks for posting not liking the look of that spider do you know if it was poisonous?
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    Very nice Andy. Looks a amazing place and love your shots
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    what a great set of photo's you have, why would a place like this just be left?....hopefully be in some use soon!
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    Lovin the more decayed shots!! REAL nice!!
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    Great shots Andy and quality decay
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    Great to see both sets of pictures here, great report this mate
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    Fascinating stuff Andy, thanks for taking the time to put this together, really enjoyed looking through the comparison shots especially
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    Yeah lots of photos of this location lately, but these are really nice! Awesome location to.
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    I've been seeing this pop up a lot in the last few weeks but I think these are the best shots I've seen, really well done
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    Ooooo this is a bit nice! loving these photos Andy! #4 has to be one of my faves that wood work!
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    Wow, this is beautiful, and you have captured it lovely
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    Great location and some cracking pics there
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    That's beautiful mate. Great photography!!
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    This was an odd explore, from the front of the building it looked like a standard office block but the inside told a different story. First off, some fairly standard looking CNC machines - but the further in we ventured the clearer it became. There was an entire production line left in situ for making alloy wheels! Each stage of the build process had its own machining area and the wheels were transported from one area to the next on a huge conveyor system - everything from milling, shot blasting, heat treatment, lacquering and pressure testing. Many of the machines had lot numbers attached and it was my guess that it wouldn't be long before everything including an immaculate rack of machine tools were auctioned off. We gradually made our way to the front of the building, where the only notable room was a small laboratory - still half equipped. An enjoyable explore and a good end to the day. Visited with Jaff Fox and thanks to H for his info. This sign, roughly translated means: food and drink are strictly prohibited in the lacquer plant. Mr. B!
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    On March 19th 2011, most of the world experienced a 'Supermoon' "A supermoon is the coincidence of a full moon or a new moon with the closest approach the Moon makes to the Earth on its elliptical orbit, resulting in the largest apparent size of the moon's disk as seen from Earth" - Wiki Many of my friends from further North in the country said that on that night it was either raining or extemely cloudy but luckily for myself and King Al, the moon provided some extraordinary lighting effects and what better place than a local explore with some decent vantage points from which to photograph it. All of these shots were taken over the course of a couple of hours and required extremely long shutter speeds of up to 5 minutes, but are all straight off the camera with no tweaking other than rotation, resizing and cropping. Enjoy Fullers with a twist.... Mr. B
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    West Park was a nice site, but every man and his dog knew about it and the same shots used to get taken time and again. Reaperman (of http://abandoned-britain.com/ ) and I decided to do a night visit at a time when the place was extremely popular, and use it more as an experimenting ground for natural and artificially lit shots. Our aim wasn't to cover much ground, but to take shots until they came out right! It was a good experience and co-ordinating the lighting was good fun. Simply lit with torches and 2 coloured gels. Mr. B
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