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    Please share your own doors in the comments
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    Some nice examples and a great idea for a themed thread @little_boy_explores
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    Pretty much summed up by @Urbexbandoned really. Regarding access, while I'm not personally sure what the score is with the place at the moment I'd say that as you're based in Liverpool its not far so you could keep trying - perseverance can often pay off - I can say from experience! Also from experience I know that the more I got involved, interact, share reports etc then others will be more inclined to help with access and locations....
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    Mate you're not boring at all, we all love to hear different perspectives, you've done a great job. St Josephs College may have been done to death but we haven't been there yet and are really pleased you decided to share. I really like the photo where the trees are in focus and the college is in the background, great shot!
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