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    The hospital was closed less than three years ago. The facility has functioned, among others orthopedics and traumatology, rheumatology, pulmonology and surgery. The total area of the facility is about 2.38 ha. As of today, little souvenirs remain in the middle. The only thing left was the lamps in the operating rooms and some glass equipment somewhere in the attic. Despite everything, the hospital has an amazing atmosphere ... until you want to walk the long corridors. The hospital is not haunted, it has no ghosts ... it is guarded ... motion detectors, cameras and a dog make the entrance into the wild border with a miracle. Thanks to this the building is in very good condition .... (Sorry, translator)
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    the second to last shot is sick!
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    Liking that, who doesn't like a derp prison? Good effort
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    That's pretty impressive... you can't beat sneaking into a prison!
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    Nice intro, that picture is awesome! Get your website up in general area
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    Thank you for the nice comments here and on IG and for the follow as well. I'll post more photos from thence forth here
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    Well done on this one, quite a place!
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    I just got a Sony A6500 with an 18-105. Perfect!
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    Top report, id be quite happy with that. Nice writeup and pics, cant go wrong! Thanks for posting.
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    That's a cracking first report! some really lovely pics you got there
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    Great report that Nico, I would be happy to see some more if you have the chance
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    That’s an awesome first report, thanks for taking the time to put it together
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    It's was not the easiest of all, i should check my RAW's but when I do HDR, i blend them in LR and then edit them a bit more. it gives a quite natural form of HDR, the way i like it the most.
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